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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Tianyu Xia

Tianyu Xia is a multidisciplined artist, illustrator, graphic and communication designer and a jeweler. Her early experience in international environment has given her the opportunity to explore and learn from different cultures, and develop a diverse background which influenced her practices till today.

The artist graduated from BA Graphic and Communication in Central Saint Martins College of Arts (UAL), and pursued her Master Degree in RCA Jewellery and Metal. With a diverse portfolio, she has developed a unique and unconventional body of work which incorporated both two and three dimensional artistic practices. 

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesJewellery & Metal (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

Statement image

Tianyu is an diverse artist who is passionate in seeking innovative and unconventional approaches in art making.

Tianyu’s work centers around the theme of the interrelationship between Humanity and Nature. In artist’s current project, she explores the theme from the perspective of Mythology. She is fascinated by the interconnection between eastern and western cultures, and how these connections can be traced in ancient myths. 

With the background in both illustration and Jewellery design, Tianyu wishes to explore the possibilities of the joining of body art and Jewellery. She constantly seeks the possibilities of mixed media in Jewellery making. She is dedicated in forming a innovative and inclusive body of work. 


Nature Mythology Humanity

This project aims to explore the relationship between human and nature from the perspective of Mythology. 

Artist took the five elements theory(金木水火土, metal, wood, water, fire, earth) as the starting pointing of the project. This theory is the most basic methodology which ancient Chinese people used to know the world. Chinese philosophers use this theory to explain the formation and interrelationship of all things. It emphasizes the world as a whole and aims to describe the forms in which things operate and transform.

In Chinese myths, the Five Element Theory is a indispensable base for all settings to be built upon. This theory supports the logic and view of the world. Elements of nature are often being deified as gods for instance god of water (Gonggong共工) and fire (Zhurong祝融). Ancient people use myths and superstitions to explain situations or phenomenon which couldn’t be controlled or explained by science. Therefore, plots of many myths illustrate the idea of the humbleness and insignificance of human being in front of nature as nature.

Humanity is the center of Chinese myths as myth itself is created by human. 

The project then leads to two directions which are:

Human as the canvas that carries a story.

Human transferred into an image of a god or imaginary creature.

Full Body Display
Wire weaving has become a way of meditating and healing for the artist and she is expressing her understanding of the world through the wires, it is like layer which protects the artist's inner self. Inside the wires is the imaginary world, outside is the realty.
Project DocumentaryThis is a documentary of how this piece was created and completed. Through this short film, the artist wish to connect multiple worlds, including the imaginary world, the world where the artist create the work and the world of the audiences.
Wire Weaving
Wire Weaving


Paint, Fabric, Metal (Copper and Silver), Pearl