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Fashion (MA)

Titian Sun 孙甜湉

Titian is a multi-sensory experience artist, fashion engineering designer and automobile interiors designer from the Chinese mainland.

She is focusing on exploring the possibilities of social initiative, and disclosure work,deepening her understanding of discussion and critique on specific groups、politics, and social systems. Her work is manifested through fashion garments, installations, and programming.

Her recent work builds fashion installation platforms through interactive sensing systems, integrating into multi-sensory immersive experiences, aiming to increase social attention through design.

Participant is operating simulator car. Screen is playing real-time car crash animation.

Most of my works are related to social thinking extended from my own personal experiences. Memories of being verbally tortured by instructor at driving school prompted me to research this project at RCA .

"Female Driver" and "Road Killer" are joking terms that stigmatize women in China, referring to women who do not have safe driving skills and endanger the safety of others. When New China was founded, female drivers had a noble status due to productivity needs. In recent years, female drivers have been fallen from grace .The construction of women's image and identity discourse is affected by the power of national ideology.

“Why are women used as a breakthrough point

and become a tool of the times?”

This interactive installation is mainly based on female character and feminine elements, simulating car accident and driving environment, and building an interactive system to respond to the theme.

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Participants&Interaction practice