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Painting (MA)

Thomas D Wright

ominous surgical image, 2 fists covered in blood holding surgical tools.
Retract the SternumDiptych Total dimensions- 240 x 150 cm (120 x 150 cm each) Oil on linen
Surgeon stands over an open chest [patient for aorta replacement.
Miss Lopez90 x 120 cm Oil on linen
surgical scene, latex gloves holding a freshly harvested vein whilst surgical team stand over a body.
Red Harvest124 x 152 cm Oil on canvas
chiaroscuro close up of hand holding surgical clamp in chest
Steel finger60 x 90 cm Oil on linen
Anaesthetist about to cover mouth of clerical figure on bed of meat.
Bed is Red124 x 152 cm Oil on canvas Gold frame (140 x 168 cm Framed)
Headless angel on red floor looks in despair as there are no beds in the hospital
No Room today, Sorry. 76 x 76 cm Oil on wooden panel Gold frame (82 x 82 cm framed)
Skinned head and shoulders based on St. Bartholomew
Study of flesh and martyr 46 x 46 cm Oil on Wooden panel Gold frame (54 x 54 cm framed)

London born artist, Thomas D Wright draws from a varied self-taught creative past which now manifests into a bold, unique, and somewhat macabre style. As a young adult, Wright was part of the underground arts and music scene in Manchester, releasing his first record in 2003 under the name of Mr. PSIK, who is still releasing today.

He later trained and worked as a tattoo artist where his work was published in various books and tattoo magazines. Always experimenting with technique and medium, Wright was discovering a passion for painting, street art and working on a larger scale. After 10 years of tattooing Wright made the decision to leave the industry. Though the lifestyle, and having been consumed by the creative underground had taken its toll. This was an environment he needed to escape if he was to survive. It was then Wright made the decision to move to the arts capital London, renew himself as an artist, starting fresh from nothing. Driven to get serious about his practice he later completed a BA with 1st degree honours at LCC, UAL.

Wright continued to paint on canvas and the street under a pseudonym, which gained a popularity and was exhibited in various galleries and art fairs around the UK, Germany and Switzerland. From this semi street/ illustrative style, Wright went on to be a contributing artist to the EA PlayStation game, Need For Speed Heat. Also working as set artist on the Net Flix documentary, Death Row Diaries and on the Spielberg film, Ready Player One.

Having toyed with many creative outlets using whatever materials were available, Wright's dramatic, baroque inspired works were the most imperative, he knew that a true calling in painting had to be perused. He successfully applied to the RCA in 2022 to embark on an MA and unlearn his past efforts, making way for a fresh approach under his real name, Thomas D Wright.  

Abstract ribcage, section of a  painting. Rough aggressive strokes.

I focus' on the power of images and their relationship with the human affect, suggesting that medical imagery can operate as a conduit to confront and engage with emotional and psychological responses in the viewer. A dramatic and theatrical approach offers a fresh way of interpreting and contextualizing medical imagery and the operating theatre.

Through painting, photography, and sound, I explore the inherent drama and power of this environment, creating thought-provoking works that challenge the viewer's assumptions and engage them in conversations surrounding our human condition.

After much experimentation with medium, oil paint has become the primary tool for my current practice, exploring it's capabilities, mark making and flow.