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Animation (MA)

Tamir Aharoni

Tamir is an animator, writer, and storyboard artist from Israel. He holds a BFA in animation from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Before coming to London he worked as a freelance animation director, as well as a writer/presenter for the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation. His works predominantly revolve around social commentary, personal experiences and occasionally informative content. 

Tamir specialises in stop-motion and 2D animation but has recently started dabbling with interactive tools and 3D animation.

Me animating

My work is made up of humour, absurdity and social commentary through personal experiences. I’m driven by the little quirks that make a character relatable. 

My background of working with clients alongside personal and collaborative projects gave me a versatile approach to my craft. I love experimenting with animation techniques and styles in pursuit of the right tone for each specific project.

This year I decided to delve into unfamiliar territory and create an interactive installation inspired by my past experience of integrating into a large tech company. "The Onboarding" is a game that throws the player right in the middle of its chaotic corporate cacophony. Please, don't get distracted by the welcoming committee.

The Onboarding

"The Onboarding" is an absurdist interactive installation that acts as a tribal initiation ceremony to your lame new corporate job.

Participants are thrown into their first day on the job in a cult-like workspace. They must navigate through a never-ending calendar as their rite of passage within the company, all while fending off distractions by a peculiar welcoming committee.

It is designed as a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the idiosyncrasies and absurdities present in modern corporate environments.

"The Onboarding" - poster
The poster I designed for the project
"The Onboarding" - gameplay screenshot
Screenshots of the gameplay
Documentation of the project
Animation process
Animation process
Character sheet
Character sheet
Animation ShowreelA compilation of my work.
Golden GymMy graduation film from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Made together with Gil McNeil. Original music by Bar Karti.