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Painting (MA)

Song Lee

Song Lee(b.1997) is an artist based in Seoul and London.

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesPainting (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Painting Building, First and second floors

Painting as a seed to generate possibilities

Paintings are seemingly close but distant. They are always looking at somewhere else where you can’t reach. They point at the incident which has not yet happened, or which has already passed by. Looking back, or looking forward. - Your eyes follow the tip of their fingers, only to realise very soon, that you have just slipped off of the frame. Or you end up following the same path repeatedly, not knowing when or where to stop. - With the nature of painting as a still image, things are 'not given'. Paintings are helpless. They remain silent and you can’t force them to speak out. The stories are made up with this urge in mind, to make the sense out of them. I wasn’t always right. You could sometimes be wrong. - The paintings are still there, silent.

unknownwatercolour on paper, 8x12cm, 2023
Earthriseoil on canvas board, 20x15cm, 2023
shortcutoil on cotton, 10x8cm, 2023
homeoil on linen, 24x18cm, 2023
undergroundoil on cotton, 25.5x35.5cm, 2023
valleyoil on cotton, 20x14.5cm, 2023
painting: ‘mittler zwischen Hirn und Händen muss das Herz sein’
painting: ‘mittler zwischen Hirn und Händen muss das Herz sein’oil on canvas board, 7.5x10.5cm, 2023
the Last as the First
the Last as the Firstwatercolour on paper, 25x19cm, 2023