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Information Experience Design (MA)

Shuqi Guo

Shuqi Guo (b. 1999, CN) is a user experience designer, user interface designer and video maker. With a background in industrial design, she is used to working with a user-centred mindset and has a strong sense of empathy.

Her work focuses on issues such as women, gender and identity. Shuqi utilizes video writing as her medium of choice, employing intentionality and abstract symbolic language to capture the essential elements of these issues. By evoking specific emotions, her work aims to trigger empathy and resonate with individuals who share similar experiences.

Mom & child


The aim of this project is to identify a suitable communication medium for deconstructing and presenting the complexities of mother-daughter relationships in the Chinese context.

Gifts are often given to express love, but sometimes the intention behind them can be a form of control in the name of "love". In many families, love and harm can go hand in hand. The exploitation of women by patriarchal societies is also reflected in the use of pink bubbles of "love" and "beauty" to conceal the true predation that exists and to benefit those in power. Of course, each person may interpret the story differently in their own way.

Infants/// Connections //// attachment /////// crying call //////// from womb ///// to womb /////// Disdain ///////// verbal emotional abuse ////// toxic // cocktail ///// lethal ///// mercury compound like Mix //// derogatory //// Rage ////// Fear ///// Abhorrence ///// Shame //// Repression //// Abandonment //// Attempts at intimacy ///// Efforts at acceptance ///////// Futility ///////// Abandonment ////// Despair ////// Go to hell //// Cycle // /////////////// Curse continues ////



red object
<Connection>dominating and being dominated////////controlling and being controlled//////loving and being loved//////self-loathing and projection///// separation and symbiosis//resistance means harm///freedom means fear/// intergenerational trauma is like an inescapable curse////and the hand of the weak reaching out to the weak//////





////Stories //Sharing emotions and experience
//Breaking down the experience ///Creating