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Environmental Architecture (MA)

Shufang Lyu

Shufang Lyu's research project "ASPHYXIATING OF WATER" focuses on the water environment from the Alqueva Reservoir to ROXO in the Alentejo region of Portugal. The region is characterized by a semi-arid Mediterranean climate. The ROXO area is a sub-reservoir of Alqueva Reservoir, and the ROXO area of Alentju is particularly vulnerable to drought and desertification. The direction is to examine the coexistence between ecological water use and intensive agricultural and industrial water use.

the creative inspiration for this work comes from the oppression and plunder of the water environment during Roxo's investigation. The significance of the work after its completion is far higher than the water pollution itself. The work reminds people to cherish the living environment and better protect, develop, and use the living environment. This is also an important issue that needs attention and consideration in the process of creating works of art. The water structure in the study area is in the stage of over-exploitation and should be an urgent concern; Otherwise, it may cause irreversible permanent damage to the socio-economic status of most habitats in the region.

This project has two main design goals for data visualization

This project has two main design goals for data visualization: (i) The design will combine recycled paper and detection reagents to achieve data readability. Water with different pollution levels will show different colors on recycled paper under the action of the reagent. This new method of collecting water for detection can be proposed to let local people participate in future investigations and studies, so as to form a long-term interaction and detection of the environment. (ii) Ecological performance and experience will be used to examine the coexistence of ecological water use and intensive agricultural and industrial water use, and video will be used to record the inspection process, water sample quality detection, and ecological performance and experience.

12 sampling process of the occurrence of the story-oriented map
Research Area
12 detection points were collected mainly for the risks faced by the ROXO area
Water sample experiment
 Make a water sample that will make water talk on paper through this chemical reaction
Experimental procedure
new method of collecting water
Water data readability
The creation process of this work, as well as some thoughts in the creation process, is a process of self spiritual improvement,
Data visualization performance
“Suffocation Mask”