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Visual Communication (MA)

Seenyoung Kang

Born and raised in Seoul. Studied in Seoul and London. She never thought she would study for a long time. 

Seenyoung studied for a Graduate Diploma in Art and Design and recently completed her MA Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art. She completed her BFA in Visual Communication Design at Duksung Women’s University, Korea. Exposure to different educational systems always created confusion but this entanglement was affirmative in leading to a vision of what experimental communication could be. Seenyoung is a visual communicator, but also loves to be a curator and coordinator, so is a Show Rep for MA Visual Communication for RCA2023.

Ready to say goodbye to school. 

Stages of Institutional critique journey

This institutional critique journey has spanned over a year.

It focused on various aspects of the RCA, such as its brand and structure, the value judgement in institutions, and now it faces its end with graduation.

The final report is the ultimate journey of institutional critique, capturing my unique perspective and experiences while inviting others to join in the conversation. This report, presented as a journal, is composed of three distinct layers: school structure, personal life, and critique, each offering a unique critical perspective on the institution.

The school structure is presented as a corporate publication and also also as the course timetable, the official materials typically associated with educational institutions. Incorporating everyday photos reflects my personal experiences and interactions within the institution. By including these intimate glimpses into an individual's life, a sense of authenticity and relatability are infused into the journal. On top of two layers, the critique delved into various aspects of the school and questioned its practices and policies. The project strikes a balance between offering fewer judgments from one’s subjective perspective, and a defensive attitude via questioning and challenge.

Questions are thought-provoking and encourage readers to engage with the topics by stimulating their own critical thinking. By adopting this approach an interactive experience is able to happen within the journal, where readers actively participate in the process of reflection and analysis. The journal invites readers to navigate through the different layers, offering them an understanding of the complex dynamics within the institution.

Week 38

What I love. 

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