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Curating Contemporary Art (MA)

Sabine Balduzzi

Starting with the idea of creating a space to help artists undertaking an international residency connect with each other and the city around them, we began to consider what opportunities arise when something is lost or left in transience. Working as seven curators for whom English is a second language, we wondered what possibilities emerge from misunderstanding and miscommunication. In our response to the original brief from Delfina Foundation, we proposed that when something is lost in translation or transition, this is not a moment of failure but of creative potential to be valued. 

What does losing mean? Is it possible or even desirable to archive these lost moments? Is it possible to generate new communicative possibilities through losing? 

The Archive of Losing is a propositional space for actively losing; losing as a poetic mode for unlearning, unlearning as a liberating measure. We explore the potential of spaces in-between to embody losing as a reflexive destructuring. In our curatorial display, the commissioned artists Giulia Frascino and Josh Clague use activity and text as an invitation to the audience to experiment with the possibilities of losing. The live element of our proposal, a performance by Gianna T, explores the creative potential of misalignment and unlearning of conventions.

Sabine Balduzzi

Sabine Balduzzi is a curator based in London, particularly interested in exploring the combinations of different medias and forms, whilst highlighting the social and political realms that the art world contains. Greatly inspired by Claire Bishops’ theory of the social turn, Sabine is s curator who aspires to develop transformative frameworks, encouraging and prioritizing community engagement, inclusivity, and dialogical exchange, thereby fostering dynamic and meaningful interactions between artworks, audiences, and the broader social fabric.

Her dissertation explores how conversation, community, and location specificity contribute to authentic artistic practice in artist residencies, through the context of the educational turn as articulated by Irit Rogoff. Sabine is interested in exploring how artist residencies thrive by embracing conversation and community as fundamental pillars for artistic production, facilitating collaborative learning environments where diverse perspectives and knowledge exchange fuel the creative process, nurturing both individual growth and collective engagement.

Sabine Balduzzi co-curated the collective graduation project "De-/Di-/Dis--Lost Archives," which is a propositional space for actively losing. Our archive of losing is regarded as an unlearning process; unlearning seen as liberating. This project explore the potentials and opportunity of the concept of losing, and the possibilities which emerge from assumptions which are altered. 

Sabine Balduzzi has a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Goldsmiths in Performance and Politics, and focuses most of her research on curatorial activism. Since, Sabine streamlines her practice into a curatorial role which leads her to experiment with different media formats, particularly social curation, photography, videography, channeling all of this whilst assisting an exhibition “Sights and Sounds”, in which we commissioned three independent artists, bringing different forms of visual media and socially engaged art into a club setting, challenging the traditional spaces of gallery settings and prioritizing the context over the content and the human relations the artists had between each-other.