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Environmental Architecture (MA)

Kaixiang Cui, Ruwen Yi, Ruohan Yin, Haolin Yuan

Experiment samples

Our project, "Nurturing Growth, Transforming Remnants" aims to counter the negative impacts of the Green Revolution in Mansoorwal Kalan. We will focus on the Zira Factory as a starting point, transforming it into a waste treatment centre to mitigate pollution caused by the winemaking process. By repurposing waste into valuable resources like animal feed and compost, we will provide local farmers with a sustainable and cost-effective fertiliser supply.

Simultaneously, we will implement a phytoremediation plan, selecting plants that absorb pollutants effectively. Over 15 years, we will cultivate these plants in different plots near the factory, improving soil and maintaining long-term agricultural sustainability.

To address social factors, we have devised a four-phase management plan spanning 15 years. This includes environmental assessments, crop rotation techniques, and the utilisation of liquor by-products as organic fertilisers. Additionally, we will establish community-focused initiatives such as a shared trust, a school, a hospital, and a farmers' market, promoting self-sufficiency and supporting the well-being of the villagers.

In summary, our project comprises waste conversion, phytoremediation, and a comprehensive management plan. By repurposing waste, restoring the land, and implementing sustainable practices, we aim to create a thriving and environmentally sound future for Mansoorwal Kalan.

Experiment samples
To address pollution from the liquor distillation process, we repurpose the waste by combining solid waste samples and reed rods to create compressed plates. These boards are useful for constructing small structures like canopies, providing a sustainable solution for waste utilisation.
Tapestry of Time
Unseen Scars: The village is contaminated by the factory and agricultural chemicals. A Second Life: Pollutants morph into fertilizers and building materials. Green Renaissance: Through strategic phytoremediation, nature reclaims its vitality. Resilient Blueprint: A vibrant vision of harmonious life rooted in a self-sufficient community. Peek into a future where social management ensures sustainability and resilience.
This video demonstrates the absorption of fertilisers by cotton plants' root systems and the residue left in the soil. Through OpenSim root simulation, we can visualise fertilisers' concentration values at different depths and times.