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Visual Communication (MA)

Rui Zhang

From a Journalism (BA) background, Rui studies Visual Communication (MA) in RCA. She is currently living and working in London. Her practice is based on the events that are happening now.

Rui Zhang

Rui enjoys listening to others' voices and capturing the essence of emotions in her work.

The work talks about hidden societal problems, stories, and communities from different perspectives. Moving images, installation, performance, and mixed media are her main language.

By arising resonance and building connections between body and space, she makes access to communicate with the external world. It's also a way to heal and a reflection of herself.

Classic Studio

"The classic V*** Student studio, fitted with all the standard features covering everything you need"

—— V*** Student

Classic studio in the student apartment is born in the development needs of modern society.

Classic studio has all the functions of living: kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Classic Studio embraces a large number of international students pouring into new cities.

Classic Studio has established a new urban landscape and changed the local rental environment.

Rui tries to show the rental problems under the changes and the feelings between the private sector and the public space in this work.

Rui uses tape to draw a square, she walks, runs and sleeps inside.


performance, video




This photo comes from the part of the poster used by RCA to welcome new students at the enrollment. It was placed on the ground floor of White City's campus for several weeks.

“欢迎/歡迎” means "welcome", it is handwritten on the poster.

Rui chose the smallest size picture frame she could buy in the store. She put this photo in it and hung it on the wall.