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Visual Communication (MA)

Rose Brooks


Write a less than 100 word artist statement about an artist called Rose. Really ham it up.

ChatGPT: (1/1)

Rose: The Luminary of Artistic Splendor

In the realm of artistic brilliance, Rose shines as a celestial luminary, casting her radiant glow upon the vast tapestry of creativity. With each stroke of her brush, she orchestrates a symphony of colors and forms, weaving together a mesmerizing narrative that transcends the boundaries of mere perception. Her artistry is an alchemical fusion of passion and skill, an exquisite dance that bewitches the soul and stirs the depths of imagination. Behold Rose, the maestro of visual enchantment, whose creations transcend the ordinary and guide us into a realm where the extraordinary becomes our tangible reality.


Nice, but make it sound more commercial. Make her sound hireable.

ChatGPT: (1/1)

Rose: A Marketable Visionary of Artistic Brilliance

Discover the exceptional talents of Rose, an artist whose creations captivate the eye and inspire the imagination. With a unique blend of technical expertise and creative finesse, Rose delivers remarkable visual experiences that resonate with audiences far and wide. Her ability to translate concepts into stunning works of art makes her a valuable asset for any project or campaign. Whether it’s illustrations, branding, or visual storytelling, Rose’s innovative approach and professionalism ensure outstanding results that leave a lasting impact. Embrace the opportunity to collaborate with Rose and unlock the full potential of your creative endeavors.

Photo of a banana peel printed "I have dreams where I am other people"

Sometimes, I write things down to remember.

Mainly, I write things down so I can see them all small like the lights in the windows on the hill across the way; pull the words out - silk handkerchiefs - like a clown, and string them up.

Sometimes, I write things down so that I don’t have to say them.

Saying things out loud feels more real, you have to hear it in your own voice. By the time you read this, it will be just pictures of letters. Spelt out and spaced out. Like the picture of the porch, taken from the dream, taken from the house, taken on my phone, seen by you, through your screen. Standing back allows for room to process, to lay it all out and see the pieces. It’s cathartic, pull little letters out like splinters, like the first time you plucked your eyebrows. By the time you read it I will have stopped wincing. 

My work is the lens with which I see and navigate the world. Although research lead in practice, my emphasis is always on exploration and experimentation, embracing the process and the ever evolving, transient qualities of work without a fixed outcome. I am fascinated by the mysteries of the everyday - the inexplicable and intangible, the spaces between and the peripherals. Here, I engage with technology in order to look back on the human experience: to watch systems parallel to our own - the internet becomes a wide open playing field to be explored, dug up, and re-mapped.

I am interested in the discussion of dreams as the telling of secrets - my colleague tells me she dreams of smothering her mother. We laugh as if it’s a joke, and speak about lunch. Her’s is before mine, I don’t mind.

I am interested in the dream as the coughed up, appearing on the carpet.

I am interested in this as processing, as trauma and as stuckness, as the absurd, the funny, the obscured.

The dream is the poor image of lived experience - the illicit fifth generation bastard, the ragged, ripped, collaged cut up, screwed up, chewed up then spewed up. You cannot dream of faces you haven’t seen. Here; the dream acts as the hairball does for the cat. Dreaming is a retching, resurfacing of things which have been swallowed and forgotten. They re-appear hacked up and rearranged, regurgitated, matted and incoherent. A confused image of what they once were.

My project "A Dream in which I am a Porch" is a research led exploration into dreaming as a process, drawing upon neuroscientific research to investigate the role of dreams as memory or information processing, in conjunction with the still speculative EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). This is as a treatment for trauma memories which utilises bi-lateral eye movements in order to ‘re-process’ maladaptive neural networks which keep memories ‘stuck’ in active memory. My process is partially auto-ethnographic, a way of navigating my own experiences with memory re-processing following treatment, .

The porch is a dream of a porch - playing upon ideas of the subconscious, exploring what bubbles back up to be perceived, and what remains dormant and hidden below the surface. When removed, ideas and images become abstract and confused, obscure representations of notions of things half forgotten. In removing the porch from the dream, from the house, in dragging it through layers of abstraction, and in removing the dream from the dreamer, we can examine the dream or as the debris of an unimaginably vast realm of information consumed, processed, forgotten about.

The work is intended as experimentation, and is still developing.

text describing a dream about being a porch
a transcript of A.I generated text via Melobytes
B) Here, DALL.E2 imagines porches which I am describing to it.
an image of a porch with descriptions getting more detailed
A) The Original image of the porch as described, and the descriptions which generated the images shown in B
"When you say dreams are thing's i've supressed resurfacing I laugh and say. Ha. Like Hairballs."
Cyberspace, like the subconscious, is steeped in this mass of information we no longer deem relevant, things deleted but never quite, not quite forgotten, leaving just-tangible traces like ghosts or half memories. The dream is the debris offering little clues the morning after the rubbish has been collected - it is the shards of Saturday night which collect on the pavements of Sunday morning.(dreams appropriated form r/Dreams on Reddit)
Broken Eggs with text reading "people don't usally survive these types of things"
image of grapes and lemon with text
dead flowers with text
banans with text
Tyskie can with text reading "i keep dying in my dreams"
a childrens fortune teller game
Dream Completion is an experimental set of instructions, inspired by the '"Nightmare Protocol" handout I received while undergoing treatment. The idea being that nightmares or traumatic dreams could be 'completed' or solved, if the affected were to change their actions to change the outcomes. Here, a childrens 'fortune teller' game contains different courses of action - exploring feelings of futility and stuckness in a tactile, playful way.
fortune teller origami scans
fortune teller origami scans
scanned in text
another list of text
scanned in text
handwritten text