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Sculpture (MA)

Rose Arbuthnott


 I studied in Edinburgh in art and art history for my undergrad, I studied at the royal drawing school, receiving second prize, from the age of 12 I had an art scholarship. I am currently studying at the rca in sculpture, I have a painting in the RA summer exhibition.  I studied at Schumacher college, where a gained some depth in approaching ecological matters. I have grown up with a ecological conscience, as as a child we planted trees in our free time, and gardened, I had my own garden when I was 10. 3 years ago I started painting still lives. Before that I painted landscape/wilderness on several trips to Scotland. I was awarded a distinction in my master’s thesis at the RCA, around the subject that was in my mind over covid, the healthy interior, the paintings were specifically for living spaces and I developed a theory about colour in interior design. I have pursued poetry,  but now its public face is in with intuiting titles for my physical works, I have made several artists books, I also spent some time running the owl barn residency in England, working with many artists. I am about to start a course at dartington school of art, and a prgramme with MASS in woolich.  I have done residencies in mexico and Uganda, where I taught and did performance art. A piece called ‘monsanto and the milpa’ about corn growing verses production. In my poetry I try to investigate the language surrounding consumerism, like product, economy, inflation, resources. And sales speak. Trying to decapitate the monster so things can actually grow. I often use my dreams in my art. 

paper and paint

I use found objects and paper and paint, exploring what I can do. i make ephemeral works, on the floor and wall. i work in series. I respond to other peoples work, place and i have moved out of painting as a strict discipline here at the RCA. on the sculpture program. things happen between perception, dreams and thought. somertimes becoming a subject sometimes not. i am a female artist so my work is about my own perculiar feminism. i draw alot especially in the inbetween times, often the life model. my degree show piece 'trident' is about stucture and ancient knowledge. the egg box is a scapegoat.

paper and wood
the rowthe last cow, diamonds in the rough, deep sate, hiding from the police, heavy hawl. Paper and wood, ‘forgo contentment’
metal and wood painted on the floor
illusion and layers of space, and interference. first the pattern and then wood on deeper colour. explores the texture of colour thats made possible by the choice of paint.
alternative spacethe space within the gap, the orange that is tough, the sponge which is greasy. the anonymous raffle. the tide inside each one.
paper wood and metal
The Munchlightness fills an agreeable gap the french lutenants woman, the slide from spike to heel, cast off, put it in the fridge.
wood paper and plastic
tidedays away, the structure holds the paper nicely, in an anoraks hood, layers of fridge doors well alarmed.
The Beatbras are in town, the police are making sculptures, they wont say anything at all and they've spat at your guts. ‘Bottom pinch’, poor woman, tissue paper, sari rope, metal, paper and wood. the white is boundaries of the body, the rope is the gut, intestinal, organs delay, there is no face here except a blue.'
metal and wood
The Beat 2piece- nez, affluent tarantula, wax lyrical, tide by the wayside. ,
paper tart, 2023untabled,
tale of two troublesanother day
tale of two troubles two, wip show 2022a walrus sets sail
unbelievabletwo brothers
deliscious anticsbermondsey- a trickle of torches of light, the best piece ive made.
mixed media
the piecethe turnaround inside this place, they haven't started yet, there is no post to go to hell on - the witches are painting now, they can say what they want and they are percieved not only in the dark teritory of everything noone else will do. but as dancers and colourists. the rocks persist with thier ancient memory, the woman fight with sticks,one day this will cease when we are trully here.
wax and watercolour
tremble in the gutthe eggs in the nest in the tree on this earth, can you smell her?
nest, box, tissue, condensed wood, paint
the witchthe toil of heaven and earth and something else resistant, resisting, is, the egg box from the coop. the edge is disintegrating, but its a full nest. watch the pigeon in the nest or buy eggs from coop, your choice!
nest wood and plastic
nest twoliteracy of nature.
wood and egg box
the tightyes, the plague, started with eggs
oil on panel 60x60c
take the town for a ridebeathing deep I change my ethicacy, I know something.
oil on panel 60x60cm
usurped the truththe truth angles nigh, ffrom the soft wedge, fighting the angels squeeze their limbs into solid paint.

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watehrcolour on cartridge paper
bryn-y-morr, the brink of the seathe water lushes, the sights do dwell here, solva, st davids, the exquisite from whence we all came and will return.
finest drawinglike a salted beachwood, the body dwells.
ink on paper
life drawing for eonsthe ignoramous speaks, there are hundreds of these, as i go to life drawing class when i cant imagine what to do next.
ink in paper book
also bryn-y-morrthe insomniac, why cant i stop, what do i have to proove?
pencil on paper
mumnot to forget drawing
paper and wire
the rigidwater prisms make waste to strangeness. the flutter of leaves in the parish of contentment, i salivate more than i care. bluff. strangers.
wire and paper
tom fooleryluckily noone is employed here. on the edge of ocean currents, the sea sets like the sun. currents=danger. a raspeberry kiss is forgotten in this blue arranged for solstice.
paper and wire
weeding, little tyrantwhat can be said with a quails egg, the clouds are green, in liverpool. they faked it, horrendously but in orange i come to the surface, cleaning.
paper and wire
the clogs are tightfruit is the amunition of angels, tight as a consultina, a broach on your head, time for solidarity.
paper and wire
the brother-dove
mixed media
the torrthe angliphile in mozambique, the sisters cousin, torturor in bed, the blissed out feeling of the day, current hungry full of anger, tired cousins feeling the breath
wood rock etc
the towerclimbing the holy cow, round the deli, beauty persists in abundance, what a characture! seeing the home in its abode by the rocky outcrops
flimsyeach rock pile a verse in a poem, nolonger a clump but instead a word.
white pigment and water
white linesports halls, borderlines, the cut of a river through ravines. an abstract mark,
the craggwhat are you saying? grimwald,? a punitive structure. a machine where you are turned by spikes into porcelain. where the dairy milk buttons talk to sea creatures.
photograph of studio
studio shotits london! init!
yes, betroathedits made of stuff ,a buffoon, a tympany, a rock, gloucestershire and the very rock we stand on. brothers and sisters.
the dismissalthe right to text, nickers, fortune haitus. cloud nine
small prismtight as a fist
paper and tape
arrayhorray, globbular ceasion.
paper and tape
grammarfile on you, the break is a bridge, a lilo, a plate techtonicus
tissue paper and floor
the thermometer
the tilesgrowth on hyeronimus's belly.
paper and wood
pink-tudehigher pleasure
adult taxonomyAdagio, cement fingers, probing matrix
axe-o-misterthe diary, floppy forelegs, fox tails.
paper and wood