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Sculpture (MA)

Rita Osipova

Rita Osipova is a Russian-Dutch multi-disciplinary artist. Her works spanning across sculpture, installation, photography, painting, and poetry, characterized by a layered narrative and a highly visceral aesthetic. Osipova received a BA in Arts at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2021 and previously studied at The Gerrit Rietveld Academie. 

Selected Exhibitions

Group Exhibition "Omnimatter" London, UK July 2023

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, The Netherlands October 2021

Group Exhibition “Cut Out” Casa da Cerca Almada, Portugal September 2020

Group Exhibition “From Athens With Love“ Wallspace Gallery Eindhoven, The Netherlands January 2020 

Group Exhibition “HeadOff“ Kindoff Gallery Athens, Greece January 2020

Group Exhibition “Layers“ Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat, Istanbul Art Biennial Istanbul, Turkey November 2018


Eclectic Trends, Neo-Craftivism | Rita Osipova, March 2023

Private Edition Magazine, Issue 54, The Archeologist | Rita Osipova, June 2022

Colour Hive Magazine SS2023, Global Forecast | Rita Osipova, Oct 2021


Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, The Netherlands

A person taking an image on the analogue camera

My intent has always been to make immersive works that transport us to complex feelings, situations, and phenomena. I like to straddle the line between real and fictional worlds – creating a poetic yet visceral experience. 

Recent work investigates the emotional journey one undergoes through various online (social) media, using installation, photography, video and sculpture strung on a thin thread of sound. I aim to break the boundaries between the physical and digital creating otherworldly dimensions.

:) :) :)

Digital Baroque is an ode to the data we drift into in our daily lives. Information overwhelms us like an endless stream of water, it comes to source but we cannot control its rough waters. 

Digitalisation created in-betweenness where we coexist in physical and digital dimensions – chatting online, ordering food, buying tickets, paying bills, laughing, playing games, reading news, crying, building relationships, breaking up. Nowadays, all of it is done online but in direct relation relation to our physical being. 

Do we experience the same emotions when someone cries during a FaceTime Call as when someone cries next to us? Do we laugh the same way if someone jokes at work as when someone sends us a meme?

Dedicated to those who are forced to live in this in-betweenness and those who do so by choice (and also to my mom, just because).

A log with embossed sad and happy mirrored acrylic smiles
LoginLog, mirror acrylic sheet | 84 x 24 x 16 cm
Two screens showing water on the skin
It's all water in the end3D animated video, Raspbarry Pi, 3D printed elements, pearls | Variable
3D animated video | 9.5 x 5.5 cm
3D animated video | 9.5 x 5.5 cm


Stainless steel tubes, 3D print, Raspberry Pi, Wood log, Mirror Acrylic Sheet, Cables, Pearls



As digitalisation proceeds, the era of posters is coming to an end. Layers of information that cover city walls will soon vanish. It will take decades before the anthropological value of these paper remains will be recognised as an abundant source of information about what we eat, what we do, who we vote for and what problems we fight today. But what if it is too late by then? As a curator of current culture, Rita Osipova uses the form language of the ancient Greek to create modern artefacts. She collected street posters from Berlin, London, Paris and Rotterdam and sculptured them into archaeological findings; what is seen as trash now, may be unique pieces of heritage in the future.

A vase made out of street posters.
London 1.0. Street posters from London, staples, varnish | 120 x 46 x 46 cm
A vase made out of street posters.
ParisStreet posters from Paris, staples, varnish | 67 x 42 x 42 cm
A column made out of street posters.
BerlinStreet posters from Berlin, staples, varnish | 170 x 22 x 22 cm
A boat shape sculpture made out of street posters.
London 2.0.Street posters from London, staples, varnish | 100 x 60 x 32 cm


Street posters, staples, varnish

Today marks three months since my dad passed away. And I still cry every single day when I recall him. I couldn't hug him one last time because he was in Russia and I was in the Netherlands.

Today is more than six months since the war in Ukraine broke out, and my relatives are still there – torn apart from each other, and I can't help them.

Today is more than six months since I lost my home country as home because if you are against the war, you are not very welcome there.

Today I grow out of grief, but hopefully, soon, I will be born again or break as a fragile being in pieces.

13 September 2022

Ready-made sculpture of book, birch trunk, egg
Book, birch trunk, egg | 15 x 155 x 5 cm
Close up detail: egg on top of the birch
Egg | Perfect egg size


Book, birch trunk, egg


15 x 155 x 5 cm