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Sculpture (MA)

Penghang Liu

Penghang Li was born in 1997 and grew up in a coastal city in the east of China.


MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, 2022-2023

BFA Experimental Art, Central Academy of Fine Arts, 2017-2021

Group Exhibitions:

Monophony, Royal College of Art & Royal College of Music, London, 2023

Everything is temporary, 3 Locks Brewing Company, London, 2023

Experiencing a Significant Gravitas Shortfall, OrigiNature, Chengdu, 2021

BFA Degree Show, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, 2021

The Building as a Ghost without a Shell, Hua International, Beijing, 2021

To Replace the Shining Stars, Building 23 Artist Community, Beijing, 2020

Evolution, Enjoy·Art Museum, Beijing, 2020

@Art Festival, George V Art Center, Beijing, 2019


My art practice explores human emotions and existence. It examines the missing and lost parts of our life, which have left traces in our memory and drive us to return to them repeatedly, consciously or unconsciously.

By introducing the concept of light, I focus on the visible but immaterial attributes of light, which is equivalent to the nature of the traumas in our memories: we can feel their presence shimmering in the depths of our being, but they can never be touched. My approach to the practice of this concept is to use both two- and three-dimensional works that explore the meaning of light from different levels in the contemporary art context: both physical and metaphysical.

My recent research interests also include Lacanian theory, especially the concept of ‘lack’, which is like a gap, a hole or an empty area in our being, which both confuses people and attracts their gaze.

Beds (Together)picture 1
Beds (Together) 2023
Beds (Together) Container picture 2

The beds, the sunset, the frames, the gaps, the space, the separation, the representation; 

The image, the back, the face, the wait, the oblivion, the visibility, the invisibility; 

The threads, the dawn, the light, the good wish about being together.



Birch plywood, LED, linen, bolt, thread


Bed (Back-Lack)1
Bed (Back-Lack)2


Birch plywood, LED, linen, polished bolt


Bed (Gap)1
Bed (Gap)2
Bed (Gap)3


Birch plywood, LED, galvanised steel, bolt


Sofa in Room


Giclée Print


Shimmering No.2,1
Shimmering No.2Oil on linen Two canvas, each: 40cm*40cm 2023
Shimmering No.2,2
Shimmering No.1Oil on linen Two canvas, each: 40cm*40cm 2023