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Digital Direction (MA)

Qianqi Zhou 周千琦

Between the Existence and the Void - Trailer

An olfactory interactive installation designed to explore the interchangeability of the relationship between presence and absence with the experience of smell and sound. In virtual presence, can olfaction embody real presence? Assuming there is no absence of taste, can participants in real presence experience it as a real presence, thus proposing a different definition of space?

Through an asynchronous musical collaboration, across continents, between an analogue instrument and a tangible instrument, and a few different pleasant smells from Literati Gathering to get the inner space. The Guqin melody is called Zhuangzi Dreaming of Becoming a Butterfly, which is also a philosophical story of ancient China.


A digital artist and storyteller, based in London & Beijing, who works with digital media and software to explore different ideas. The works question what it means to be human while allowing audiences to critically consider who they are. Through questioning and investigating, exploring diverse ways to communicate with people, raising questions about how people deal with their relationship with the world, the environment, and themselves.