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Photography (MA)

Patricio Villanueva

Cover image. Hand reaching out for red  halo light
Launch Project
Mirrored acrylic triangles on white background
My white square
six variations of an acrylic triangle on white background
Variations on a white square
Three different images of black lines made with acrylic triangles on a white background
Posters of diagrams print in white paper
Printed and folded poster of symmetric acrylic triangles
Diagram for a future mechanism
four images of abstract light compositions
Black and white photograph of wavy light patters on a white wall
Spontaneously projected memory
three images of digital scans patters diffracting light
Black and white photograph of water ripples
River of whispers
Three images of digitally generated abstractions using the circle as theme
Print of a poem titled unreal space
(un)real space

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesPhotography (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

Acrylic triangle placed on the floor, leaning against a while wall. Sun light projects its highlights and shadows

Patricio Villanueva is a Mexican artist who works at the intersection of photography, sculpture, and sound. Central to his practice, which he labels fictional abstraction, is the act of spatial creation (physical and theoretical).

His work explores the emotional spectrum emanating from the photographic medium's constructive properties. His inspiration comes from the structure, expressiveness, and fluidity found in music, as well as from spatial forms of art, and nostalgic memories growing up during the massification of digital technology.

The artist builds his own space by combining the spontaneous with the controlled, and the tangible with simulated ways of imagining and projecting his vision. This juxtaposition is reflected in his choice of materials; balancing the physicality of acrylic and rocks with the airy qualities of water, sound, and light.

Not preoccupied with establishing linear narratives, the artist celebrates image-making through experimentation as a principle and method. His images become fragments that add to a constant process of world-building.

Patricio Villanueva lives and works in London.