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Visual Communication (MA)

Na Zhang

Na was born in China and now lives in London. She studied Visual Communication Design at Nanjing Normal University and graduated in 2020. In order to learn more, she decided to continue her studies at RCA in 2020, during which she took a gap year that provided her with a broader perspective on life. It was a valuable time for her to take a break from academic pursuits and engage in activities that contributed to personal growth. It allowed her to explore different experiences, gain new perspectives, and further develop her skills and interests.

In the past, the most important thing Na learned was how to be a good observer—being good at discovering subtle things, and when encountering something interesting, taking note. She finds a lot of joy in life, and using this power of observation gives her great  design inspiration.


As a visual communication designer, I have a passion for capturing the small details in life and transforming them into a source of creativity. I believe that tiny details hold endless creative and expressive possibilities. Through the combination of elements such as graphics, images and typography, as well as the precise use of colour, shape and text, I am dedicated to conveying information, expressing ideas and evoking emotional resonance.

I strive to translate complex concepts into visual forms in a concise, clear and captivating manner. I enjoy contemplating how to communicate messages effectively and establish a deep connection with the audience through my designs.

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Amusing Ourselves to Death

The project is about the secondary processing and interpretation of disasters and public information in an environment of pan-entertainment. It delves into the way media and public consciousness treat serious subjects such as war, disaster and human rights as forms of entertainment.

With the rapid development of mass media, there is a growing trend towards cultural entertainment as information dissemination. Journalism is shifting towards  amusement, leading to a blurred line between serious news segments, news entertainment, and news comedy. Consequently, we find ourselves immersed in an environment where the conventional serious and unbiased tone of media is gradually being supplanted by a more casual, humorous, or even propaganda-oriented approach to news reporting. Perhaps, in the near future, our mainstream traditional media, known for its seriousness, is also deconstructing itself to cater to popular frivolity and absurdity.