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Curating Contemporary Art (MA)

Marianne Tynan

Parade of Pause

We present a project proposal that focuses on ideas of time and methodology, adopting the phrase ‘urgency of slowness’, borrowed from artist Celia Pym. Inspired by past Artangel projects, we are drawn to the practice of urban walking and its utilisation of pace and rhythm, which lends itself organically to slowing down.

The idea for the Parade of Pause was born out of the aim to set a rhythm for a shared parading of slowness, deliberately contrasting with the rapid speed of consumer culture that engulfs London as a city. Why Parade? The word’s origins are rooted in the Latin parare, meaning to prepare, parry to stop or halt, which resonates with the idea of slowing down. There is never a distinct, isolated sound that represents the act of parading, rather the sound of a parade becomes enmeshed with the urban circulation of place, its people and objects, creating an asynchronous symphony of everyday life. We have commissioned Lucie Stepankova (aka Avsluta), a London-based Czech-born electro-acoustic composer and sound artist, to create a soundscape that intertwines field recordings and live improvisations with objects to accompany the parade – setting its pace and rhythm. Playing with various loops to create a polyrhythmic soundscape, Stepankova explores ecosystemic ideas and our relation to space and one another. 

Our hope is to elicit a powerful response towards the urgency that slowness demands, particularly within the environment we currently find ourselves. Slowness, in this understanding, does not simply want to take the speed out of contemporaneity but allows us to experience our present with all its different speeds and in all its complexity and diversity.

Lucie Stepankova preforming a live improvisation inside the 4DSOUND system, 2023. Image courtesy of artist. Image credit: Pirelli Hanger Bicocca.

Photo of Marianne Tynan looking off camera

Marianne Tynan (she/her) is a curator and film practitioner from the Isle of Man, based in London.

Following an interest in the narratives of storytelling, her practice plays with the dichotomy of what is visible and invisible. After ruminating on the ever changing landscape of London and the impermeable, incessant 24/7 culture of the 21st century, she was drawn to look backwards to forgotten histories. Her MA curatorial proposal revolves around drawing attention towards invisible and hidden histories. Stemming from an interest in how spaces change over time, her research explores the dynamic uses of underground spaces in London and the hidden rivers buried beneath them.

Marianne co-curated the Parade of Pause for the Royal College of Art 2023 degree show in collaboration with Camilla Wrabetz, Ciarán Mac Domhnaill, Emma Mo, Gabriella Ackerman, Taeyeong Kim and Yiran Zhu.

Prior to her time at the Royal College of Art, she studied Contemporary Media Practice at the University of Westminster and filmmaking at MET Film School.