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Photography (MA)

Margaret Liang

(b.1998, China) Liang derives her voice from lived experiences, attending to matters of identity, intersectional feminism, and gender. The conflicts and absurdities within her identity from being in-between nations produce a self-image that remains everlastingly in flux. 

Working primarily in the medium of self-portraits, she reflects upon the making of her, seeing the body as an archive of ideas and words, care and violence. This meditative approach allows her to make peace with herself as well as discover new territories in photographic representation. 


Just Women, Image Nation Paris, Paris, FR, 2023

Bodily Autonomies, University of Heidelberg, 2023

Bloomberg New Contemporaries, South London Gallery, London, UK, 2024


Der Greif, Guest room: Annekathrin Kohout, 2023

Wül Magazine, 2022

Fotofilmic, JRNL 14, 2022

Fotofilmic, JRNL 13, 2022

I Spoke to Them, Safehouse, London, UK, 2021

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesPhotography (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

A perfectly balanced photo
Ramos and I arm wrestle in a Georgian living room filled with sunlight
Both of us confront the camera

“Mountain of A” ponders with curiosity about body image, self-representation, gender; and subverts limitations of traditional representations of femininity and masculinity as binaries. My experience of bodybuilding allowed me to envision a space for my body outside of the rigid gender norms and cultural stereotypes. I attempt to create a similar space with photography: where I and my subjects are free to explore ways in which we’d like to be represented.

The series began with a self-portrait where I stood erect with weights. The image captivated me, and felt like an illusion: up to that point, I had been conditioned to perceive myself as merely feminine. I therefore began to recall times where I had been at odds with societal expectations of my body, skewing such expectations through the lens; at the same time inviting others to interact with me for the camera, creating moments of strength and tenderness, where our bodies empower, celebrate, challenge, contemplate. 

Through the process, I bring forth an inquiry about bodily and gender expressions, question the notion of masculinity being equal to maleness, and propose a body image that is soft and focused, but also strong and fluid. 

a self portrait where I stand erect holding weights
Self Portrait With Weights
a portrait of Leanne standing erect
a still life image with breast tapes and shoulder pads
Untitled (Still Life)
a self portrait with Fei where we dress very differently
With Fei
A documentation of a very large bruise on my thigh
Untitled (Bruise)
self portrait of me seated on my bed with eeyore
Self Portrait With Eeyore
charlotte sits on the sofa wearing boxing gears, I braid her hair
With Charlotte
a pink protein shake with powder flying everywhere
Protein Drink
Performing of women's self-defense book
Untitled (NO!)
Performing of women's self-defense book
Untitled (NO!)
a portrait of me carrying William in my arms
With William
arms touching
Untitled (Touch)


Large format analogue photography, giclee prints


various sizes
a sculpture of the body made with recycled materials.
a sculpture of the body made with recycled materials.
a sculpture of the body made with recycled materials.
a sculpture of the body made with recycled materials.
a sculpture of the body made with recycled materials.

A Body Pieced Back Together

A body pieced back together, it resembles the human form and humanity, but also transcends the communal burdens they hold. 

In the beginning of 2023, I became so sick to the point that I could barely leave the house. I lost loads of weight: body fat, water, and my hard-earned muscles. As the weight left my body I had an urge to make reparations, but I couldn't stomach much food either. Around the same time, I found out that many of my clothes would no longer fit me, so I decided to up-cycle them with some dyeing and sewing. I bought a sewing machine, and my mind was quickly filled with the idea of constructing a sculptural body with these undesired matters.


discarded cloth, avocados, cotton, wool, nylon


Sets, Reps, TemposAn experimental moving image+sound piece where I interweave footages of bodybuilding exercises with sound of my piano practicing, exploring bodily movements, chaos and harmony, and the idea of an all-round language that is against the ordinary.


moving image, sound