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Visual Communication (MA)

Lan Lan

Lan Lan is a London-based designer and artist from Xiamen. Her works combine an interdisciplinary approach and multiple media, including moving image, illustration and sound design.

Nanjing University - BA English Literature.

A dog-like creature with a dumpling head

I hope to create lovely, intimate, fun worlds in my work. 

I perceive myself as a visual creator who employs an ethnographic methodology to convey narratives from the past and the present. My creative process frequently adopt an autobiographical perspective, while other times I actively engage with communities through interviews and dialogues.

I turned to moving image because I wanted to combine everyday scenes with imaginative virtual worlds. Based on this, recording and designing the sound of moving images became a direction for me to explore. The mutual influence of sound and visuals provides me with a more flexible medium.

An old tv with lace cover
book design

'The Immemorial' is an audio visual installation that delves into how memories of traumatic events can be inherited and transmitted across generations. The project recognizes that memories are not solely individual but are influenced by collective experiences within a community or family.

'The Immemorial' aims to utilize moving images as a means to express and pass on memories of deceased loved ones. Employing ethnographic methods, the project collects and organizes various memory archives, including photographs, videos, and recordings, which are often shared and preserved within families. Adopting a semi-fictional approach, the project fills in gaps in the collected memories by incorporating both real and imagined scenes.

Through the use of moving images, audio, and installations, 'The Immemorial' analyzes and reconstructs these inherited memories, providing a unique and immersive experience that allows the audience to connect and emotionally engage with the memories being portrayed.