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Animation (MA)

Keren Or Zelingher

Keren is an Israeli 2D/Stop Motion animator.

Keren earned her BFA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Her graduation film, "The Deceased," was shown in 40 festivals around the world and was part of the exhibition "Twenty Four Frames per Second" at Tel Aviv's Museum of Art.

In her work, Keren focuses on small, "boring" moments and gravitates towards unhappy endings. By capturing these specific events, Keren shifts the viewers' focus to the mundanity that every person experiences and magnifies it.

in the left, a blonde girl in a green dress looking towards the left on a puppet she touches.

With a unique point of view and personal experience, in this film, Keren explores the concept of waiting. By removing all digital objects from the soldier and placing them in an empty space, she transports them back to a period when people needed to entertain themselves to pass the time. She discovers the small moments, even if only a few seconds, where they no longer have to wait.

4 Hours
a guarding booth
a soldier in a guarding booth
a soldier looking down
frames from the film
Frames colored with pastels
soldier falling
rough animation
A turn around of a character head
A turn around of a character head