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Digital Direction (MA)

Katie Weitzmann

Currently exhibiting at the RCA2023 Kensington exhibition, 'the act of sharing' is a film/installation celebrating co-creation, community and a casual chat.

'the act of sharing' documents Katie's conversations with fellow Jewish creatives from North West London, exchanging knowledge about each other's practices and skills that they can learn from one another. With themes of technology, ethnicity, and food culture, 'the act of sharing' honors collaboration as a valuable part of the creative process.

With special thanks:

Naomi Feld

Lauren Foreman

Kimberly Kaye

Emily Kenton

Sophie Nancy

As this project is evolving, follow my Instagram and website for more updates!

Degree Details

School of CommunicationDigital Direction (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Darwin Building, Lower-ground and Upper-ground floors

notes and sketches placed into space via augmented reality (AR)

I explore the ethical complexities of new technologies, also focusing on their impact on creative practice. Through both individual and collaborative works, I investigate how these technologies can be utilised in a positive and accessible way for myself and others. Collaboration holds great value for me, and my current project, 'the act of sharing', delves into co-creation in arts and technology within my own community background.

I enjoy experimenting with world space, particularly using augmented reality (AR). I employ 'phygital' methods—writing, sketching, and mind mapping—to then organise and interact with them in my space, map my internal processing, and manage my internal world.

NomophobiaCollaboration between Harry Ma, Sung Hoon Song, Shaye Thiel and Katie Weitzmann. How does sensory overstimulation distract humanity from living in the present moment? Is there a method that engages participants and encourages them to be present through sensory immersion? We are interested in understanding the relationship between haptic response and grounding methodologies. A study conducted by “Immersion and True Impact” proved that applying haptics is highly effective at shifting a participant’s attention


Immersive film experience