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Print (MA)

Katie Opländer

Katie Opländer (Germany, born 1993) is an artist and designer. She studied Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, followed by an MA in Print at the Royal College of Art in London. Her artwork features playful shapes and abstracted structures, influenced by her urban surroundings.

Katie has exhibited in the UK and Germany, including:

Bainbridge Open, London (2023)

Two-Fold, Southwark Park Gallery (2023)

Friends of Fifty Nine, Studio 59, London (2019)

Graphik aus Dortmund, Zentrum für Kreativität und Kunst, Germany (2018)

Festival of Print, The Art Pavilion (2017)

Affordable Art Fair, London (2017)

London Illustration Fair, OXO Tower (2016)

Central Saint Martins Degree Show, London (2016)

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesPrint (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

colourful geometric shapes, floating in space based on an isometric grid

I grew up in Germany's Ruhrgebiet, an area marked by remnants of industrial structures scattered throughout the landscape. I believe this sparked my interest into the visual histories of urban spaces. My exploration of local architecture in East London led to my love for the abstract forms found in modernist playground design.

Through my practice, I aim to create my own 'playgrounds.' Working with both digital and analogue drawing techniques, I generate imaginary shapes, structures, and landscapes. While my hand-drawn work tends to have an organic quality, my digital pieces often derive from isometric grids and exist in a detached digital realm.

Within my work, I like to experiment with the visual language of form, space, and colour. I view the act of image construction as a method of play.

A recurring approach in my artistic process involves exploring the relationship between traditional printmaking and digital technologies. The hand printed process is integral in allowing my work to transcend its two-dimensional nature and become part of our physical surroundings.

I hope to evoke a sense of familiarity and connection to our everyday environments, inviting viewers to contemplate their inherent beauty and peculiarities.

abstract geometric shapes, based on isometric grid, digital drawing, hand printed photopolymer
A Romance of many DimensionsBlack 30x40cm
abstract geometric shapes, based on isometric grid, digital drawing, hand printed photopolymer
A Romance of many DimensionsColour 40x50cm

'A Romance of many Dimension' is the subtitle to the book 'Flatland'. It is the story of a two-dimensional universe as told by one of its inhabitants, a square who is introduced to the mysteries of three-dimensional space by a sphere.

The idea of sentient shapes being stuck to the limits of their dimension, whilst trying to break out of it, reminded me of the confinements of my work, in its digital state. The process of hand printing creates a release into our three-dimensional world.

A Romance of many Dimensions


colourful geometric shapes stacked on top of each other in an abstracted composition
colourful geometric shapes stacked on top of each other in an abstracted composition

Isometric Playground is a six layer screen print based on an isometric grid, creating a graphic representation of three-dimensional objects in a two-dimensional space. 


Screen Print, Heritage White Paper


woven textile with colourful abstract image of shapes
From Pixel to Thread Jacquard weave.

This artwork explores Jacquard weaving, drawing inspiration from the importance of tactility and material engagement found in pedagogical philosophies like Montessori and the Bauhaus.

What are the nuances of art, design, craft, and everyday objects? The distinction lies within our expectations and perceptions of the object, often influenced by preconceived notions. I believe that art, craft, and decorative everyday objects are not hierarchically superior or inferior to one another; rather, they occupy different positions within the realm of our daily experiences. 


Wool, Jacquard Weave


colourful abstract shapes
From Pixels to ThreadDigital concept artworks for weaving.


Digital Painting
abstract hand-painted landscape of varied colourful shapes
abstract hand-painted landscape of varied colourful shapes

This artwork developed from the Bauhaus concept of 'unlearning' —the abandonment of conventional knowledge and the promotion of pre-linguistic, intuitive, childlike approaches.

The process involved squishing and forming clay without any specific goals, focusing instead on enjoying the material and the tactile experience it provided.

Materials and tools are active participants in the making process, shaping and being shaped by actions and intentions. 

The shapes that emerged from the clay became a source of inspiration for these images. Incorporating organic forms drawn over mono prints.


Mixed Media, Screen Print, Pastels, Gouache