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Information Experience Design (MA)

Kanika Goel

Kanika Goel (b. 1999, India) is a dynamic and multidisciplinary designer who brings a unique perspective to the world of extended reality (XR). With a keen focus on immersive technology, her work challenges norms and reshapes perspectives. Through a world-building and speculative approach, Kanika's work transcends traditional artistic mediums to create immersive and transformative experiences. .

Recently completing her BA in Design from Goldsmiths University in 2021, Kanika consistently explores a multidisciplinary approach to her craft, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity.

Drawing upon her background in UX Design, Kanika delves into the realm of immersive technologies, investigating their potential to reshape perception and foster empathy. With a deep understanding of human-centred design principles, Kanika strives to bridge the gap between technology and emotional connection, inviting viewers to explore new realms of understanding through her captivating creations.

Kanika is standing in front of the Stevens building on the Kensington campus. She is looking sideways and smiling.

As a resident of Delhi, I have often found myself surrounded by dense smog and occasional moments of limited visibility. These experiences have ignited a curiosity within me, inspiring the creation of UNSEEN, an immersive world-building experience that transports audiences to a speculative future where Delhi is veiled in pollution. The aim of UNSEEN is to provoke thought and question the potential of immersive technologies in fostering inclusivity and empathy.

Through the virtual journey of low visibility, UNSEEN challenges societal assumptions, inviting a deeper understanding of the unique strengths and skills possessed by visually impaired individuals.

UNSEEN represents my personal exploration and creative expression, offering a thought-provoking experience that encourages dialogue and reflection on our perception of reality and the potential for positive change.


Unseen: A Virtual Reality (VR) Journey into Speculative Delhi

Unseen offers an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience that invites users to become a part of an imagined version of Delhi. As a virtual tourist, you are transported to the streets of Delhi and guided by a visually impaired tour guide. Unseen aims to spark meaningful conversations and cultivate empathy for individuals with visual impairments. By relying on your other senses to navigate the bustling city, you will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the visually impaired community. Unseen goes beyond traditional tourism, providing an opportunity to explore a different reality and appreciate the power of human connection. In this transformative journey, we bridge the gap between perception and understanding in a virtual world.

3d model of Delhi enclosed in a transparent container with smoke filled inside, close up shot
dense pollution covering the 3D model
a full image of the 3D model with no smoke inside
A close up shot showing dense smoke covering 3D model of Delhi

Delhi’s Hazy Horizon is a scale model depicting a speculative future for Delhi. Focusing on the iconic Chandni Chowk Market enveloped in a mystifying haze of smoke, the artwork prompts contemplation on the consequences of reduced visibility and highlights the importance of environmental consciousness.

Images of the SafeZone Proximity Mask
a close up shot of a hand experiencing the vibration motor
An animation of the workings of the gas mask
A video showcasing the workings of the mask
An illustration of the distances of different safety zones

SafeZone Proximity Mask

The SafeZone Proximity Mask is a wearable technology that promotes personal safety. This mask establishes predefined "unsafe zones" surrounding the user. As soon as an individual encroaches upon or breaches their personal space, the mask sends distinct vibrations as danger signals. This technology serves as a speculative artefact, envisioning its existence in a future version of Delhi, a city renowned for its safety concerns.

A person sitting on the bench wearing eXtended Reality(XR) goggles

The Other Side: Bridging Past and Present through Immersive Poetry in Augmented Reality

The Other Side uses advanced AR glasses or filters that work by overlaying digital information - in this case, poetic narratives and historical data - onto the physical world. Users will see virtual elements superimposed onto their real-world view of Bankside, effectively transporting them to 'the other side' of history.

AI generated image of an XR telescope facing Thames
AI generated image of an XR telescope
AI generated image of an XR telescope facing Thames
AI generated image of an XR goggles

Introducing our futuristic telescopes, revolutionizing the way we experience augmented reality at Bankside Pier in London. These prototypes combine advanced optics and augmented reality technology to offer a captivating visual journey. When peering through the telescope, users are transported to a digitally enhanced version of the pier.

A prototype of the text augmented on the river
An image of eye gazing technology
A image of us using acetate sheet to augment illustrations

By incorporating eye-gazing technology into the telescope, we can track the objects we observe in our surroundings. This innovative feature enables the generation of personalized content tailored to your interests and preferences. As you gaze through the telescope, it intuitively responds by providing relevant and engaging information specific to the objects within your view.

"In London's heart, where tower doth kiss the sky, Cross Tower Bridge, with Thames beneath in flight, Behold HMS Belfast, stern and high, As pigeons dance 'round visitors, soft as light."
"Neath the streetlight's golden glare by Shakespeare's Globe, so fair, Stands yonder bankside pier, where echoes of soliloquy air. Millennium Bridge in sight, stairs to river lend downward flight, An urban stage by day and night, of history's play in London's light. "


Extended Reality