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Sculpture (MA)

Jingyue Gong

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesSculpture (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

Clay sculpture

Jingyue's practice uses the body as a site of expression and space from personal experience and feelings.

Jingyue tries to cultivate a kinship relationship between technique and the physical body. The social changes caused by technology have brought people to imagine, and personal beliefs and preferences have influenced the way people imagine the medium. We are both the invaders and the invaded, subconsciously transforming technology as well as self-knowledge and self-transformation, interdependence as "loved, cursed, possessed", in an attempt to playfully flirt with and react to this state of dependence.

clay sculpture
Clay sculpture
Clay sculpture

Heavenly Boredom

  • Nowadays people no longer have the need to do things face to face to communicate,the body is suspended and dissolved, creating an imbalance between body and mind. The identity of the human being is also no longer important, like a kind of labour machine in the universal sense. It’s like technology allows people to lose their own bodies and create a new featureless body.
  • I use bags to design a space for the body, to strip organs from the body, to dismantle them and subsequently reorganise the pieces into specific functional objects, so that the alienation of the human body makes it more of a tool to acquire an indeterminate and complex character.


clay, resin,plaster



The umbilical cord, which I have made before, connects the mother to the baby and is the main source of nutrition for the baby, but it only functions for a short period of time in the body and is discarded after the baby is born, but it is a channel, a conduit for transmission.

I have taken the form of the penis and the nipple and made them into an umbilical cord, a reproductive system that attempts to make a connection with the video, constantly absorbing "nutrition" from the outside world with all kinds of information and feeding itself by its own internal circulation, like a useless "rubbish ".


Image, resin