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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Jinbin Xu

A researcher in Biosystem.

Researching biological co-design.

Head of the BioSync lab.

Projects: "Traces", "Growth, not assembly", "Light in virtual haptics", "Skin contact ".

Keywords: 1+1>2, Adaptability, Responsive environment, Degradation, Biosensing.

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesJewellery & Metal (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

Personal photos

This artistic project is the beginning of a larger exploration of symbiosis. Jinbin is exploring interconnection on a personal, biological and societal level.

In 2020, the total (man-made) mass of plastics, concrete, chemical liquids and harmful gases will exceed the (living) mass of animals, plants, bacteria and viruses.

In 80 years' time, humanity will have to make a choice: to flee or to return to the ecosystem.

18 years ago, Jinbin experienced severe burns to his ears in an accident. The treatment was biotechnological, and the skin of an active tilapia fish healed his own burnt skin.

Model reverse engineering, electrical engineering, biopolymer extraction and optimisation, a mixture of these techniques to produce fish skin has helped Jinbin to re-establish a symbiotic relationship with fish. They are a system, not an individual. 

For him this will be a beginning, a first step towards re-engaging with nature. Imagine that one day we will be able to use our bodies to cultivate a design with nature.

Goldfish curious about sensors
A sensor that transmits information about the goldfish's movements to my "skin".
A breathing skin made of fish gel
Wearing the bespoke ear, this breathing skin allows me to feel the goldfish swim.
To the beach with friends


Arduino kit, extract of discarded fish bones, infuser, goldfish