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Animation (MA)

Jieting Fan

Jieting is an animator and media artist from China, currently living in London.

With a BA in Communication in Media Art and Design from BNU-HKBU United International College, she has experimented with different techniques and approaches to making moving image work, including 2D animation, 3D animation, and stop-motion animation. These experiences have fueled her passion for animation, leading her to pursue postgraduate studies.

Jieting seeks to explore the fusion of animation with other artistic disciplines. During her time at the RCA, she embarked on exciting projects that involved the integration of 360 video, XR techniques, and generative art. This exploration aimed to create a more immersive and sensorial experience, showcasing the potential of animation to engage multiple senses and incorporate elements of randomness.

Degree Details

School of CommunicationAnimation (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Stevens Building, Ground floor

Jieting's portrait

Jieting's passion for creating experimental animation allows her to express abstract ideas derived from reflections on reality in a free form, exploring the mixing of different materials in the process.

Her imagery lies in the dislocated style of surrealism and finds inspiration in the whimsy of everyday life. Jieting is deeply motivated to capture and document the magic and playfulness that can be found in our daily experiences. She believes in the subjective interpretation of reality by mining the inherent properties of objects, rearranging fragmented information, and constructing unconventional contexts and spaces.

In today's information age, characterized by its complexity, it is easy to become overwhelmed and controlled by the abundance of fragmented information. Her work explores the space shrouded in layers, offering a metaphorical contemplation of the realms of reality and illusion, delving into the intricate interplay between self-discovery and the confines of the external world.

Influenced by the art of labyrinths, an obsession with cyclical narratives is on display in her graduation animation, Fishception. As reality and the virtual realm intertwine, her work delves into decision-making at crossroads, retracing steps, encountering familiar situations, and experiencing the cyclical nature of our psychological journey. Through a blend of stylized 2D painting and the immersive depth of 3D animation, Jieting creates fantastical and enigmatic worlds that invite viewers to explore their own consciousness and embrace the present moment.


Fishception (Trailer)

Feshception is an animated short film about exploring a labyrinth of one‘s subconscious, where the actions taken in reality seem to become clues in a surreal space, suggesting a quest for self-discovery and a questioning of the real and the unreal. 

A fish, confined within the glass walls, longings to transcend their aqueous realm. As I possess heads akin to fish tanks, do my mind yearn to harbor a fish, chasing its world with curiosity? Within the entangled mist of what is seen and imagined, am I truly seeking the existence of fish, or do I find myself as fish in the bowl, trapped within this glassy maze?