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Curating Contemporary Art (MA)

Jiayi Hong

Home: A Domestic Fiction 

Our project proposal, titled Home: A Domestic Fiction, aims to challenge the logocentric modes of curatorial communication and explore a non-hierarchical process of care in which artwork, artist and audience are situated as equal. Understanding the groups that we exist in to be both intentional and unintentional, we see ourselves as an “Unintentional Collective” as a model for rethinking social relations.  

Responding to a brief from Delfina Foundation as the Unintentional Collective, we have developed a card game designed to explore the complexities and multiplicities of the idea of ‘home’ within our globalised world. Giving agency to the personal histories of participants, a complex, intricate network of narratives can be built through gameplay, out of which a live archive of what may constitute a ‘home’ develops as new cards are added to the pack. We have commissioned artists David Blandy and April Lin to design the first two sets of five cards. Through this potentially ever-expanding card deck, the geographic rigidity that the notion of ‘home’ can evoke is challenged, and its ephemerality and temporality are highlighted. We seek to understand how a home is constructed through transient relationships and experiences. 

Our presentation displays the commissioned sets of cards, inviting the audience to explore and respond to the archive produced through playing the game. In an accompanying live event, an improvised sound performance by Hannan Jones and Shamica Ruddock, that uses the archive as score, delves deeper into non-logocentric modes of (re)collection. 

Jiayi Hong

Jiayi Hong has been actively involved in curatorial work in Shenzhen and London.

Based on her study and exploration of human and environmental design, she is interested in site-specific art, which has been a cornerstone in her postgraduate studies to explore diverse curatorial approaches in different spaces. She keenly examined the public and educational aspects of this curatorial methodology, particularly emphasising the dynamic interaction between exhibitions and audiences.

For her recent project, based on the theme of home, she aims to analyse the multiple definitions of home in two situations, through two types of people: physical and virtual mobility. Additionally, she seeks to explore the interconnections between online and offline art spaces, and develop innovative ways for audiences to actively participate in exhibitions.

As times change relentlessly and new things arise rapidly, Jiayi is trying to discover how to effectively capture the essence of her vision within an evolving community where virtual and real spaces are closely integrated. This ongoing quest will act as one of the key elements of her future curatorial practice.