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Visual Communication (MA)

Jiaqi Meng

Jiaqi (REKIMg) is a multidisciplinary designer. Before starting her postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Art, she worked as a fashion designer and video game content editor.

She likes to explore the identity, emotions and unknowns of creatures.

Currently working as a freelancer, her work includes publication design, branding, typography, colour green, caring for cats, and a little bit of fashion.

Some distorted pictures of me were placed on a table. A filter of identity, social connection, introverts.

An event, an individual, a phrase,

The sound of a door's opening and footsteps in the hallway,

A pigeon crushed by the weight of passing vehicles,

A wisp of smoke rising in the sunlight.

I love observing and listening.

Each of my artworks is a healing process for me. It allows me to showcase myself, express my thoughts, and communicate with you.

I do not confine my work to any specific framework. My artworks take on diverse and varied forms, and I believe they are all traces of my exploration and records of my growth.

I hope people can experience something from my artwork. Whether you empathize with it or have a different perspective, thank you for your participation and witness.


The soft cover is the introverts, it's flesh.

Unveiling ourselves to others, a labyrinthine journey through pain and resilience. 

We navigate together.

Book wrapped in wool, resting in the corner, symbolizing introversion, communication, and socializing
'hey, it's me' 'you know, don't wanna get too much attention' 'i'll wait for you in the corner' 'see you!'
a book warpped by wool, the wool was destoried by me. it's about introvert, communication and socialize.
my hand hold the book, shows the cover of this book, the theme is about Introverts, emotions, social activities
a reader hold the book and read it, these pages are some distorted pictures with 'how are you?'
Reader holding book with distorted pictures saying 'How are you?'
Open book page on the ground
Open book page on the ground, chapter three.




160*250mm, 92 pages
Process one of the performance, I put my hands on a mirror with a transparent paper.
Process two of the performance, I wrote down key words on the mirror with a green acrylic pen.
Process three of the performance, I look at the mirror and observe the lines and reflections on the surface.
Last process of the performance, I walked away from the mirror, leaving behind incomplete lines and other patterns.

Do I Really Know ...?

This work is a process of exploring the self and having a dialogue with myself, as an introvert.

I looked at myself in the mirror and observed my emotions, how I look to others, the different expressions I make when I am engaged in social activities. I wrote out my doubts and observed how I look in the face of those doubts. I left behind myself in the mirror, who gradually reunited with me. Will I and myself, one day, understand and accept each other?





It is about chance, the unknown and communing with nature.

I let the wind control the feather painting.

I'm watching the whole process of creating this work from the unknown, just like the viewer.

Painting drawn by the wind.
Sad face drawn by the wind, a colse up shot of the final outcome.
The wind drew a sad face.