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Information Experience Design (MA)

Jiao Ouyang

Jiao Ouyang

Jojo has a background in Technoetic Arts. She has worked in various fields including programming, 3D modeling, interactive installations, video, and VR.

The majority of her past works are skeptical of reality and reflect on its authenticity. Meanwhile, she takes herself as the main subject to explore different forms of human existence in different fields.

Within IED Microbial Love theme she tries to reconstruct human existence more artistically from a microbiological perspective.

Jiao Ouyang


A journey, a digital visual experience into the microbial world inside the human body.

This project is an artistic representation of an inside journey into the microbial world of the human body.

It aims to explore the relationship between the human body and the coexistence of microorganisms within it. A symbolic exploration of the inner workings of the human body and the microbial world within it.

WE/ME - The other form of my being

Science shows that 90% of the human body is made up of microorganisms, suggesting that the human being is not a single organism but a complete network of microorganisms, a symbiotic ecosystem.

This project is an attempt to use a two-dimensional visual perspective to engage in a dialogue between microbes and humans, reinterpreting human activity through microbial vision.

So I have chosen to use microbes in my own present, in the topic of microbes, to present what I see as an alternative form of human existence, to make human existence microscopic and visible, with the subject of the microbes themselves, undermining(mai ning) the subjectivity of human physical existence.

Experimentation Process
Experimentation ProcessIn a three-dimensional space-time, we cannot see the whole picture of our own body, we need to use microscopes to observe the cells or microorganisms inside our body. Microscopic slices under the microscope are the reason why I chose a two-dimensional plane. Secondly, the dynamics of the virtual 2D are a manifestation of microscopic human activity, which means that the human microbe exists independently of the body. When people is facing these dynamic is directly facing themselves in another dimension.
Visual DisplayI have attempted to use a two-dimensional visual perspective to engage in a dialogue between microbes and humans, reinterpreting human activity through microbial vision. Because the whole is presented as a dynamic visual effect on a flat surface, a secondary artistic creation is made visually using a real microscopic atlas as a reference, and a fluid dynamic effect on a flat surface is drawn according to the process of human activity.


Moving Image

Visual Experiment

A JOURNEY is a digital visual experience project. It aims to explore the relationship between humans and the coexistence of microorganisms in the human body. The concept of 'I am my microbiome' emphasizes the fact that we never exist alone and always maintain a symbiotic relationship with the microbes that live in and on our bodies.

The whole scene is experienced as a tunnel, with the microbial protagonist traveling through a tunnel full of oddly shaped microorganisms. The tube-like tunnels mimic the blood vessels in the human body and at the same time metaphorically represent the human being itself. The intimate connection between the microbial world and the human body is implied.

The viewer's journey through these microbial tunnels is like experiencing the tiny, mysterious world inside their own body. The journey is not only a physical one but also a symbolic exploration of the inner workings of the human body and the microbial world within it.

Visual Image
Visual Image


Moving Image
Scene one, Image
Scene1, Image
Scene two, Image
Scene2, Image
Scene1, 360 Video
Scene2, Moving image
Scene3, Image
Scene3, Image
Scene4, Image
Scene4, Image
Scene3, Moving image
Scene4, 360 Video
Scene3, 360 Video
Scene5, Moving image


Moving Images & 360 Videos

Sound Narrative Design

[Soft ambient music fades in]

Description: Welcome to "Microcosm: A Journey Within," an immersive audio experience that delves into the captivating world of the human body's microbial inhabitants. As we embark on this journey, close your eyes and let the sounds guide you through the microscopic landscapes teeming with life.

[Subtle, rhythmic pulsations merge with gentle, ethereal tones]

Description: Imagine standing at the threshold of a vast, pulsating realm. The first sound you encounter is a symphony of microscopic motion, a gentle symphony of ceaseless activity. It begins as a delicate hum, resonating with the rhythmic dance of trillions of microorganisms.

[Whispers and faint bubbling sounds blend harmoniously]

Description: Listen closely as the whispers of bacterial communication fill the air. Soft murmurs and distant chattering reverberate, each message carrying vital information within this intricate ecosystem.

[Subtle squishing and bubbling sounds grow in intensity]

Description: As we venture deeper, the soundscape transforms. The once faint bubbling evolves into a vibrant chorus, reminiscent of a microscopic rainforest. It's a lively composition, crafted by the microbes' harmonious interactions.

[Swarms of microorganisms darting around, creating delicate swishing sounds]

Description: Witness the microscopic ballet as swift microbes dart through the currents, their graceful movements painting vivid strokes of sound. It's an ethereal dance of life, an intricate tapestry woven with elegance.

[Sudden, intense sounds of bustling activity]

Description: The landscape shifts once again, and we find ourselves in a bustling metropolis of microbial communities. The soundscape amplifies with the hustle and bustle of metabolic processes, resembling the busy streets of a thriving city.

[Whirring and rhythmic pulsations intertwine]

Description: Deep within, you can hear the rhythmic pulses of energy as cells divide and multiply, creating a symphony of life's perpetual cycle. It's a constant reminder of the ceaseless vitality thriving within the human body.

[Gradual transition to a serene, calming melody]

Description: As our journey comes to a close, we find ourselves in a serene oasis, a place of balance and harmony. The once-vibrant sounds fade into tranquility, as if the microbes themselves are taking a collective breath, embracing a moment of peaceful coexistence.

[Soft ambient music gradually fades out]

Description: Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary voyage into the microbial world inside the human body. Remember, within each of us lies an entire universe of microbial wonders, silently shaping our existence.

Sound Simulation01
Sound Simulation02
Sound Simulation03


Visual Display01
Visual Display02
Visual Display03
Visual Display04
Visual Display