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Print (MA)

Jianze Zhao

As an artist, I am concerned with community life and co-creation. Many of my artistic practices are inspired by the process of analyzing the relationship between social observation and individual life. With curiosity of community life and co-creation, in 2023, I joined Lucky pot, an Asian art community group in London where we build relationships and work on artistic practices together. The group members include students of various educational backgrounds, gender identities, and neurodiversity. My personal art works are also closely related to the group.

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesPrint (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors


I am a political artist. Someone who thinks about social involvement from the audience. Thinking about the physical art of looking and touching. My work is a kind of map. A map of ideas and place both real and imagined. A map that includes individual presence and symbiosis found in the world and the connections between them.

My graduation work continues my past artistic practice with an ongoing focus on the theme of CARE. It is an environmental participatory work consisting of three installations including SEAL which is a tent, the second installation outside of Seal is a collective practice called Trouble Net, which was created by participants of my workshop at Luckypot Space and myself. The third installation is titled Symboitic Floating Nest.

floating nest suggests a new possibility of a joint environment.
Symboitic Floating nestUsually waterfowl build their nests on a horizontal surface. From the horizontal plane their nests appear to be detached from the mainland, but a closer look reveals that the nest's roots are connected to the mainland and the materials used to build the nest are taken from the mainland's discards. The nesting species reuse and give new value to these discarded materials, and in doing so, they conceive of a sustainable and equitable multi-species ecosystem.


recycled materials ,natural materials


150cm*200 cm *200cm
This is a body and relationship workshop led by me
Trouble netNote "Please do not use human language throughout the event If you have any expressions, you can make sounds such as: cat, cricket, shouting, sighing... During the activity, the body stays connected to the wire mesh made by the group at all times. Please feel free to move around the space as much as possible, such as resting, moving, going to the toilet ...... see the above article for the premise It is expected that you can continue to participate for two hours, but you can withdraw for any reason."


woolen thread, plastic


medium is message
Seal tentI have collaged these images on the tent to form a bizarre and contradictory narrative. The words on top of the earthen telephone and the richly colored wool symbolizing the fragility of emotions that extend from the inside of this work represent the thoughts and exchanges between individuals on these topics in the context of social will. These reflections and exchanges are private and of individual will.
Interactive Performance
seal tentI play the role of the character hidden in the tent, communicating with the audience by means of an earth phone and sound playing and touch. During the performance, the audience can poke their heads into the tent to gain a brief moment of peace and relaxation.


newspaper, gesso, wool




This is the London art community group I joined.