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Textiles (MA)

Jacob Monk

Jacob Monk is a hand-weaver and textile artist based in south-east London. He trained at Central Saint Martins before going on to establish his studio practice in 2019 to create vibrant fine art textiles.

Jacob’s aim is to reinterpret the ancient technique of ikat, the process of creating a pattern through the binding and dyeing of the warp yarns before weaving. He does this through the use of dynamic colour combinations inspired by the natural world.

Degree Details

School of DesignTextiles (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Darwin Building, Seventh floor

Mono printing. Jacob stands at the print table, paint brush in hand, painting a screen in bright red, yellow and green dyes

This body of work is part of an ongoing investigation into colour. Using collected bird feathers as a starting point for my use of colour, the aim was to create a feeling of energy and movement that you might see in bird mid-flight.

Watercolour painting became a large part of this investigation, allowing the paint to organically bleed into each other for the purpose of spontaneity and loss of control. This informed the next stage of the process, translating these new colour works into dyed yarn and then onto woven ikat fabrics.

warp threads hang in front as part of the threading process with the warp wound onto the beam in the background
close up of Black warp with short bursts of colour lay on the floor
warp under tension on the loom with shuttle sat on top
tip of a feather in fluorescent green on black background
close up of a parrot feather with vivid red yellow green and blue colours on a black background
close up of blue parrot feather with red and yellow colours emanating from the centre spine
charcoal feather with white polka dot markings
A collection of yarn windings on black card showing colours shift slightly to create a repeat stipe pattern
3 images. centre image of open sketch book with messy test brush strokes. images either side are close up watercolour paintings