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Visual Communication (MA)


Hui Xu (Grey) is a human who likes to draw.

In this world, she often feels that she is out of place, but she thinks that everything that happened here was so interesting. So she observes, yet can’t help to be a part of it. Grey always felt that something was floating in the air, but couldn’t share it with others. She decided to study illustration because her desire to share her inner world is growing.

Grey often thinks that perhaps there will be more possibilities, and more invisible forces brewing in life. Through drawing she pieces together those blurred shadows bit by bit. She creates therefore she is.

I was in the process of painting.

What exactly is the form of life? Should we rethink and feel its mysterious power and beauty?

I can often feel a strong aura from the life around me. However, no matter how hard I try, I cannot surpass the limitation called ‘ego’ to interpret the true essence of life. So I found a way to let life express itself, to create on its own, while I just follow along.

A bird eye view of one of my artworks on the light box
COSMOS Light Box
A detail view of the artwork, giving a sense of cosmos
COSMOS Drawing Detail
A detail view of the artwork, giving a sense of underground, mountains and roots.
ROOT Drawing Detail
A detail view of the artwork, giving a sense of the deep sea and marine biosphere.
DEEP SEA Drawing Detail
A detail view of the artwork, giving a sense of microcosm creatures.
MICROCOSM Drawing Detail
Deep sea creature.
Deep sea creature.
Microcosm creature.
Microcosm creature.
Microcosm creature.
Root detail.
The overall display of the four small drawing light boxes.
Installation View
A 3D model resembling a pupa.
3D model PUPA Detail.
PUPA Detail

There are four paintings titled MICROCOSM, DEEP SEA, ROOT, and COSMOS, which interpret perspectives from microscopic to macroscopic, and provide a sense of the harmonious unity formed by individual life forms when viewed from a more holistic perspective. 

In these works, I combined eco-printing and hand drawing. In eco-printing I can adjust the intensity of light to affect the colors and patterns of work, making the forms of life more vibrant and dynamic, embracing the beauty of void and solid intertwining.

The 3D work PUPA is a carrier from the intangible to the tangible. PUPA emits a gentle rustling sound from inside, sometimes accompanied by the sound of a heartbeat. In the face of these unfamiliar forms that do not exist in nature, but have a familiar feeling, maybe people will rethink what life and existence are. 

Looking into the future, I envision integrating these paintings and installations with the natural environment. As sunlight transitions from day to night, my artworks will undergo different transformations over time. Perhaps the rain will wet them or mushrooms might grow. These unknown changes will further inspire me to explore the forms of life and bring me greater joy.