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Service Design (MA)

Gurpreet Dhillon

I am a textile designer turned service designer. My professional journey spans over 9 years, during which I have honed my creative design, strategic thinking, and leadership skills. Unique to my profile is a strong foundation in textiles and product development management, which further enriches my design approach. With a robust emphasis on creative problem-solving and fostering innovation, my passion for building digital products is shaped by having the mindset of putting customers in the center of attention; to ensure the product team is solving the right problem for the people. I've been advocating for product discovery within the product development process through establishing and socializing problem-solving methods and processes and facilitating problem-solving and innovation training & workshops. My design process is backed-up with the iterative approach of user research, problem definition, hypotheses creation, prototyping, and testing. My strong focus is on discovery research and building design concepts that will enable organizations in defining a new strategy or product opportunities to help the business gain competitive advantages. Seeking to leverage my understanding of product design, customer experience, and leadership skills to drive innovation in a firm.

Degree Details

School of DesignService Design (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Stevens Building, Second and third floors

Help GenZ Graduates to find a job.

For my final project, I worked with Ron Digao (Service Design) to design a solution for empowering Design Graduates with Tailored Solutions to Navigate Career Challenges Post-Graduation.

This project held paramount significance as it sought to bridge the oft-daunting chasm between academic learning and real-world application for design graduates. By delivering bespoke solutions to navigate post-graduation career challenges, we aimed to smooth their transition into the professional world. This initiative, therefore, not only equipped them with practical skills but also provided an essential support system during a critical turning point in their careers.

Finally, I was able to apply the service design tools I have learnt over this 1 year and work with an incredibly talented colleague and friend.