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Ceramics & Glass (MA)


Fo is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London and Beijing. With a background in industrial design and ceramics, Fo's work explores the intersection of art, food, and sensory experiences. Through their installations, Fo creates immersive environments that challenge the traditional boundaries of art and food, inviting visitors to engage with their work through sight, touch, and taste.

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesCeramics & Glass (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

Daily self-portrait

I'm fascinated by the striking similarities between ceramics and food materials. The ingredients, processes, skills, and end results of these two art forms exhibit countless parallels. I also question the conventional roles they play on the dining table. Should ceramics be limited to functional tableware alone? Should food be solely meant for consumption? By combining these two materials in my practice, I blur the boundaries between them, playing with shape, texture and form, allowing the viewer to reflect through experience.

My work ranges from small structures to large-scale installations that explore the dynamic relationships within dining events such as food and tableware, food and people, tableware and people, and people and each other.

I continually push the boundaries of my artistic exploration through various techniques and food materials. I delve into unconventional practices like sculpting with pasta, employing ceramics skills to mould and cast sugar, chocolate, and jelly into unique shapes. I intertwine bread dough with ceramics, baking them as a cohesive unit. I also employ food colors to decorate ceramic surfaces, using glazes infused with beetroot juice or matcha powder, among other creative approaches.

I am driven to create art that transcends mere aesthetics and instead fosters a profound connection between individuals and food, as well as between each another. My artwork serves as a tangible manifestation of these relationships, making them accessible and easily understood. It reflects the world as I perceive it – a world that goes beyond the surface beauty of ceramics to encompass the narratives they hold and the dynamic experiences they evoke. Through my work, I aspire to share this unique perspective with others, inviting them to explore and engage with the stories and richness that lie beneath the surface.

A series of works, main picture
A mixture of food materials and ceramics. Seeing them as a dish on the dining table.
3 pieces in a series of works
Popcorn and Porcelain
1 pieces of work, colored cocoa butter glaze
Cocoa butter as the velvet glaze. The boundary between the wares and food on the dining table is being blurred.
details of one piece
finished process
Porcelain pears with velvet brown gloop glaze and golden Osmanthus flower grogs.
one piece
porcelain, bread, cocoa butter, glass
a series of work
Beetroot and chili oil as glazes.


Material: Porcelain, popcorn, chocolate, colored cocoa butter, flour, food coloring, beetroot, sugar.


18*18*30 cm, 18*18*25 cm, 15*15*22 cm, 40*8*8 cm

Kitchen utopia

Imagine you have these kinds of lovely tiles on your kitchen wall, and they can be used to make pasta!

You can choose to press the dough anywhere you want and get different and unique patterns. You boiled it, mixed it with the sauce, and place it on a plate, you could still see the patterns on each bit, and those textures will grab enough sauce for you to enjoy.

main picture of the pasta board
Launch Project
The boundary between art pieces and functional objects was blurred. Painting-like ceramics tiles can be the board for making pasta.
interacting with the pasta board
Launch Project
Press the dough onto the pattern of your choice and incorporate it into your pasta, creating a unique texture that allows it to capture more sauce when eaten
details of the pasta board
interacting with the pasta board
pasta by using the board
details of the pasta board


earthenware, underglazes, wood


120*60*2 cm, 90*60*2cm, 25*45*2cm

What can pasta do?

The machine to make those pasta noodles is similar to the extruder machine in our C&G studio for making clay ropes.

The pasta dough is similar to clay, just simply mix the powder with liquid, then you get a plastic material that can be shaped, trimmed, and stuck by itself.

Need to mention that those pasta sculptures can keep a good shape after boiling in the water and stirring with sauce.

a group of pasta arts
one pasta art
one pasta art
one pasta art
a set of pasta art
pasta sculpture
pasta art
cooking and eating the pasta art

Fluid Table

"Fluid Table “ is a food-art practice group formed by Fo, Minxi, and CN, they are all graduates of the RCA.

They use food as an artistic medium to explore dining experiences and dynamic relationships primarily through ceramics, textiles, photography, and performance.

All the materials including food are being considered through each event, and people are invited to interact with the tools, food, installation, and space.

"Lost connection" performancing
event details with butter
event details
'Fluidtable - Intimacy' event
event details
'Lost connection' event
performance record
side works
pieces that were created through the project, it's a collaboration with CN.


Multimedia: ceramics, textiles, food, performance, workshops, photos, videos