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Textiles (MA)

Fengjunya Zheng

Fengjunya Zheng is a mixed-media textile designer specialising in modular design methods and embroidery. She is deeply fascinated with nature and draws inspiration from her surroundings, whether the vibrant hues of flowers and grasses or the majestic landscapes of rivers and mountains. Through keen observation, Fengjunya captures the shapes and colours of the natural world and translates them into unique designs that are her signature. Throughout her journey, she has found her path of discovery, passionately committed to blending modular design and textile techniques in innovative ways. Building on her natural inspirations, she continues to push the boundaries, seeking new patterns and interlocking structural forms in the field of textile design.

Before her studies at the Royal College of Art, Fengjunya studied at the Beijing Fashion Institute of Technology, where she obtained a BA in Art and Technology with distinction.

Fengjunya Zheng

"Leaves" resonates with the beauty and symbolism of nature's creations. The leaf, a familiar presence, embodies the rhythm of life, flourishing in the awakening of spring and bidding a graceful farewell in the unfolding of autumn. Its delicate structure captures traces of time and bears witness to the complex interplay between growth and decay. As its life's journey draws to a close, the leaf undergoes a stunning transformation, donning vibrant colours to celebrate its existence.

"Ye", pronounced leaf in Chinese, represents the essence of the word "leaf". A leaf, one of life's most ordinary plants, undergoes the cycle of spring growth and autumn fading. It bears witness to the passage of time through the presence of a wormhole, and changes colour gracefully as life reaches its zenith.

I took inspiration from this body of work to create a semi-dimensional fabric with a modular design based on the four colours of spring, summer, autumn and winter, choosing materials that change colour as the primary method.

Everyone is invited to explore and enjoy. The intricate combination of each module into a fabric that echoes the unique charm of the leaves is an expression of creative ingenuity.

Stage 1
Sparkling LeavesFor my first journey, I tried to explore the modular design of the three-dimensional interlocking structure while experiencing the combination of soft and hard materials.


Acrylic and mercerised yarns
Stage 2
Leaf VeinsIn my second phase, I experimented with a modular design of flat interlocking structures inspired by leaf veins and shapes. A fabric with a completely different texture to acrylic was tried out, which was laser cut, laser engraved, dyed and embroidered.


Space cotton, translucent PVC, mercerised yarn, beads
Four Seasons - Variations
Four Seasons - VariationsFor the final journey, I focused my feelings on the fact that the leaves change colour with the seasons. As the temperature changes. As the sunlight changes. “As the journey of life draws to a close, the leaf undergoes a stunning transformation, donning vibrant colours to celebrate its existence.”
The End of My Journey
Effect Demonstration VideoView here for greater clarity: