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Visual Communication (MA)

Elizaveta Manoshkina

Elizaveta Manoshkina is a Russian multimedia visual designer currently living in London. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication from Central Saint Martins, a period during which she nurtured a deep interest in storytelling and the art of creative bookmaking. Elizaveta’s work vivifies stories from our past and present, and morphs them into empathetic narratives. She is driven to capture the diverse stories that encapsulate our shared humanity, challenging and dismantling cultural stereotypes along the way.


Her most recent work pivots around Russia’s untold realities, revealing its people’s authentic experiences. Elizaveta is dedicated to examining the portrayal of Russia, and in doing so challenge misleading representations portrayed by social media and news outlets.


The book

In a world where media and socio-political narratives often skew perceptions, I advocate for a closer look at the stories of the people and families inhabiting diverse cultures. By observing and listening to these stories we can appreciate endogenous, generational cultures and their place in the modern world. These tales are often overlooked, yet they represent the lost heartbeat of our shared humanity.

The project ‘Beyond Borders’ initiates a series of stories told by international individuals who have travelled deep into Russia. I firmly believe that our past is a guiding compass for our future, and ‘Beyond Borders’ is an invitation to delve into an unfamiliar past and present through the eyes of a young French traveller seeking to discover the untold stories of Russia. 

‘Beyond Borders’ invites the viewer to participate in this journey and to share in the experiences, emotions, and revelations of a voyage that navigates beyond stereotypes, unveiling the true essence of another culture.

Images of nature in Altai
Untouched nature of AltaiDive deep into the memories of the purest form of discovery of a culture.
People are the atmosphere of a placeFrom never-ending fields to small local markets
children running home
Running home to tell about the stranger From adult's to children's lives
page preview
How it all begins
book spread
Time to say au revoir The most memorable moments are the first arrival and when its time to say goodbye
page spread
page spread
The people of the past
Beyond Bordersflipping book
A glimpse to the memoriesThis is a short version of the video projection during the exhibition. It portrays moments of Benedict's travel journey in Russia. What she saw and what she heard.
photo of the installation