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Visual Communication (MA)

Edoardo Albertini

Edoardo Albertini is a graphic designer working between printed matter, digital platforms, and live gaming. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Ravensbourne University London. His work engages with notions of political, legal, and cultural discourses, with intentions to disrupt conventional viewpoints on complex social and political issues.

BOOM | Ratting on Financial Systems

What is money?

Well, I guess it is simple, it is the things in your pocket or what is in your bank account.

You get it from your job;

You can borrow some of it for a house or farm.

But where does it come from?

Not me; 

Not you; 

Maybe the government?

Well, not really.

The monetary system operates largely in obscurity. Yet, on the surface, we encounter familiar artefacts like cash, ATMs, and bank statements that suggest simplicity while keeping its inner workings hidden from plain sight. The complexity and inaccessibility of the financial system is the foundation of its power. It creates a barrier that stops us from taking it back. By visualising abstract systems, as well as engaging in a live gaming experience, I create an activist tool to demystify the abstract intricacies of money creation, shifting our relationship with banks from one of trust to one of knowledge.

BOOM | Game
BOOM | Pamphlets

BOOM | Ratting on Financial Systems

BOOM is a collection of artefacts exploring the money-creation process through Fractional Reserve banking. Through a combination of live board game and pamphleteers, BOOM visualises and re-enacts the process that has allowed commercial banks to create up to 97% of the money in circulation. Utilising alternative diagrammatic systems this project sets a new framework in which to think about finance, contributing to debates on financial stability, bust, and collapse. 

BOOM | Pamphlets 1, 2 & 3
BOOM | Pamphlets 4 & 5
BOOM | Diagram


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