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Textiles (MA)

Eesha Gaur

Eesha Gaur is an Indian Textile artist and designer currently based in London. With a background in Woven textiles and traditional Indian craft from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (Mumbai, India), Eesha has been exploring print and other mixed media techniques to build her narrative. Coming from a multi-cultural background, Eesha aims to tell her story through the colours, motifs and emotions that have been the backdrop of her childhood. 

 Image of Eesha Gaur working on her screen printed fabric.

"What am I preserving? My past, My present or my future?"

My current work is a representation of me trying to mend the gap between where I am from and where I am right now. I have been tackling the process of fading memories and the journey of recollecting them, that brings back a new range of emotions. There is a recurring theme of furniture in my work because home interiors have played a prominent role in my upbringing. There are so many memories associated with pieces of furniture at different stages of my life.

Wanting to capture fading memories, I have been sketching them using multiple textile techniques including embroidery, patchwork and screen printing. This exploration of forms, objects and instances has led me to the concept of nostalgia.

By the narrative process of nostalgic reconstruction, the present is denied, and the past takes on an authenticity of being which ironically can only be achieved through narrative.[1]

[1] Susan Stewart, On Longing, Narratives of the miniature, the Gigantic, The Souvenir, The collection.

GIF of an Upholstered chair spinning around
Glitch, 2023Recollection and repetition. Hand dyed and silk screen printed Linen upholstered on a low rise chair.
screen printed fabric
three images of the process
GIF of miniature furniture on a screenprinted backdrop
Exploration of forms, remembering objects from my past.
colour chips
Embroidery underwater
Stitched from memory
GIF of sketchbook
Mono Printed silk fabric
Creating my own worlds, combining memories of objects from different stages of my life
Mono printing layered with discharge printing on madras cotton.
GIF of plastic bags
Nostalgic material: Plastic, the sound, the feeling, the colours.