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Intelligent Mobility (MA)

Donghyeok Choi

Concept intro 'Guilty pleasure'
Concept video
Concept development
Rendering closed sidevie
Rendering unboxed sideview
Rendering topvie
Rendering Quate
Rendering sideview

Future luxury project for Zeekr. The project is about Guilty Pleasure. A luxury making you become who you were afraid to be before. This project is a mobility journey of unveiling hidden desires. People have different desires deep inside, but they usually feel to hide them due to the fear of judgement or being teased. Through this mobility, I wanted to deliver a message of 'Become who you are afraid to be' and encourage people to reveal their trueselves. Not just only let them do, but also with an enjoyable journey with experience of unboxing sequence. I made the concept project as breaking away from predetermined expectations, embracing your true pleasures with confidence, and enjoying the freedom that comes with it.

Portrait picture with annoying face expression

Donghyeok Choi is a designer exploring automotive/mobility industry, industrial design and game industry.