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Information Experience Design (MA)

Chumeng Li

In 2022, I graduated from South China University of Technology with a BEng in Industrial Design and went on to study for an MA in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art.

Due to my engineering background, I often combine technology and aesthetics in my work, trying to create interesting and interactive experiences for audiences.

As an artist, I am concerned with the spiritual lives of people in contemporary society and aspire to inspire reflection on the current state of society through my work.

Photographs of myself

In modern society, artificial intelligence (AI) has increasingly occupied a significant position in our daily lives. We use it to recognize faces, conduct intelligent searches, and automate planning. Many of us wholeheartedly trust AI and accept it to handle tasks for us.

But the fact is, AI-generated results are often biased. Bias and subjectivity are involved in its reception of information, processing of information, and the construction of algorithms. Due to this reason, the results it presents are also influenced by the vices of human society.

By doing the data set collection and training for the AI alone, I built an AI that represents the subjective consciousness of "I" and a robot equipped with this AI to make the audience aware of the AI bias.

When the audience shakes hands with the robot, the lights on the robot light up and the face on the screen shows a smiling expression, while the camera mounted on the robot's head captures the audience's face and transmits the facial data to the AI system, which automatically calculates and marks the audience's facial data. At the same time, the robot says "Hello, you... today" based on its calculations.

Close-up 1
Close-up 2


Multimedia Installation


40*40*100 CM

The Creation of "I"

This video documents the process of tagging over a thousand images, and the changes in my mood and state of being during the process.




I abstracted and summarized the process of AI bias generation to create this physical model.




20*20*20 CM