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Visual Communication (MA)

Chiao Huang

Chiao Huang (b.1997) is a London-based graphic designer and visual nomad. After graduating with BA(Hons) Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins in 2020, she worked as an art designer for publishing houses.

She enjoys communicating through texts, prints and papers. Chiao now seeks new possibilities in self-publishing, critical making and experience design. 

Self-portrait :)


Hybrid (traditional+experimental) Publishing and Conversational Practice are two emphases that construct my practice model. I’m intrigued by behind-the-scene happenings within a particular system/institution. Is it truly possible to stay neutral when judging the facts? There will never be a FACT that is consented to by mutual parties. Intuition is the first step. Here we are, either solitarily or collaboratively, unpacking the unheard voices and messages through textual context and visual experiments.

Take your seat,

and plunge into the art school biz.


Art School Biz #1, risograph printing, A4
Art School Biz #2, risograph printing, A4

Kids In Art School ’23 (KIAS) is an ongoing project initiated in 2019 and later revived in 2023 for a new issue. It serves as a general inquiry into global art education experiences—an exposé+overlook into what’s happening inside art schools/universities mechanisms.

Served with one metallic risograph print. The textual content is constructed by three poems written by ChatGPT Model 4. ‘Art School Business’ is the input text.

A conversational framework generated from individuals’ educational experience sharing to open discussions. These ongoing discourses investigate how the new generation deal with the precarity of designers and ‘creative artworkers’ after graduation or even in the industry. 

All the juicy contents will be present in newsprint format as a projection of the system’s decay and corruption.

For more details, visit (∂ω∂)


Apt.41 is an experimental moving image using a 3D scanning technique. It focuses on the relationship between the self and dwelling by documenting the physicality of the domestic place and how memories and affection held in personal objects invite creativity and an in-depth understanding of the self.

A creep into the most intimate and fragile part of oneself—a starting point for research studying ontology, auto-ethnography and objecthood.


111, a 111-page digital publication, scanned and assembled from 35 books selected from the nomadic shelf in apt.41.

An ongoing project that applies an alternative cut-up technique to regenerate a new informative system within a ready-made collection. By orchestrating independent pages handpicked from the shelf, the reinterpretation forms an open-source digital publication for everyone to participate in this reassembly (Thanks to 

This creative process reconsiders how the system can be constructed and alternated, especially in the digital realm. Furthermore, it unwraps the methodology behind the creative process and invites more engagement from the outer world.

You’re warmly welcome to contribute your pages to 111 !!!!!!!

Pre-publish Stage
Pre-publish Stage of ‘How to Publish Your Shelf?’
‘HOW TO PUBLISH YOUR SHELF?’ manual, digital print, A2
Launch Project

THE SHELF, we... is a collaborative project that manifests to build a third place wherein the representation of two individuals inevitably intersects in parallel. We construct here by deconstructing the common standard of an assemblage of objects; how can we construct the third configuration without unification and totality? 

The whole project witnesses the evolving process of assembling a shelf in both artistic and philosophical ways. In part 2, the duo focuses more on Auto-ethnographic Objecthood. As in design thinking, this sense of openness fully welcomes outer interpretations and rebuilds. 

For more details, visit 。゜+.(人-ω◕)゜+.゜