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Animation (MA)

Chenmo Wu

Chenmo is a director and animator from China. Graduated from the China Academy of Art with an animation Bachelor degree in 2021. There, she explored the diverse medium of animation. She draws inspiration from her personal experiences and nightmares, utilizes diverse mediums to explore individual memory and socio-political changes. Before entering the Animation program at the Royal College of Art in 2022, she worked as an independent animator in Shanghai.

Her works have been Selected in the Chinese Competition Section of the INTERFILM & KUKI Film Festival, the Rising of Lusitania – Anima Doc Film Festival’s Competition Section, and the 4th Nanjing Contemporary Animation Art Documentation Exhibition.

Within my practice, I utilizing diverse mediums to delve into individual memory and examine socio-political changes.

During my childhood in the countryside, my upbringing was immersed in the chants of Buddhist scriptures by my grandmother. Consequently, animal symbolism and Zen elements frequently manifest in my works, and the conflict between tradition and modernity is also a theme of my focus.

In the past few years, I have been influenced by film studies and captivated by long shots, which has led me to relentlessly incorporate these lingering shots into my works.

During the study in RCA, documentary animation is the subject that I am most interested in. I began to have higher expectations for my work, hoping that my animation could be like the literal meaning of my name: never be silent about the reality in front.

The Goat in Red (Trailer)


As the summer of 1966 progressed, in a village on the Chinese island of Yuhuan, a teacher was protected by kind residents from the threat of a "red goat".

Still Images


The Goat in Red

The Goat in Red is my MA final film. Based on the true experience of my grandfather in 60s, this short film tries to tell the specific story in a specific period. Based on woodcut style and experiments with oil paints, a unique atmosphere has been created: the village on the faraway island, where the strong wind always blows, the collapsed stone statues, the silent crowd...the red goat came too quickly and gone too quickly.

Visual Test
Animation Clip
Behind the scenes




2560*1440px; 4 minutes
The Lost Conversation


Two AI monitors are having a conversation about "urban memory" and "eternity", while their systems are refreshed every three minutes. 

Director Statement

As the city with the most surveillance in the world, every people in London is captured by cameras five times a day on average. Residents are stared at excessively without ever really realizing it. The film creating a dialogue that only exists for three minutes and the perspective of surveillance camera creates a sense of familiar strangeness. Where is the road ahead? When people are running around for their lives, does artificial intelligence already have the answer?

This film will be exhibited to the public at ""Home Away From Home" exhibition:

Place: The House of Annetta, 25 Princelet St, London E1 6QH

Time: 21 July - 28 July 2023


Digital film


1080*1080px; 3 minutes