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Painting (MA)

Cassie Vaughan

Cassie Vaughan lives and works in London. With a longstanding fascination for literature and how words intersect with images, she first graduated from University College London with a BA in English Literature before moving to Amsterdam, where she built up her fine art portfolio. She completed her BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, London, specialising in painting.

Cassie was Director of Operations at Timothy Taylor for over ten years, supporting some of the gallery’s most established artists. Since leaving the gallery in 2017, she has focused on developing her fine art practice, which uses drawing, print, paint and moving-image to explore elements of environmental and emotional collapse and imagined future landscapes.

Selected exhibitions include:

  • Small and Mighty Club, Ladies Drawing Club online exhibition, 10th June - 10th July, 2023
  • We Are All In this Together, The Easter Gallery, 205 Kingsland Road, London, 21st - 25th April, 2023
  • From the Big Splash to the Last Splash, Terrace Gallery, 258 Church Road, London, 15 March - 9th April, 2023
  • The Waiting Place, The Art Station, First Floor, 48 High Street, Saxmundham, Suffolk, 8 May - 12 June, 2021
  • We Can Only Have Fun on Certain Days, Warbling Collective, Stour Space, 7 Roach Rd, Fish Island, London, 22 - 30 April, 2019
A portrait of the artist seated against the studio wall. She has a mid-brown bob and is wearing black jeans and a patterned top.

I am fascinated by unintentional, found marks and gestures, using these to seed new work and create nature based spaces that question the control of the maker and the dominance of human presence in ecosystems. 

Layering printing methods with drawing and painting, the work explores environmental collapse, specifically the overlapping narratives held in land, the haunting presence of extinctions and the concept of solastalgia - which articulates the emotional trauma of environmental damage as experienced by all life forms.

By creating spaces that hover between decay and growth, the work attempts to convey our current political and social predicament: caught between the power of archaic, damaging systems and the potential for radical, healing change.

A tree like figure set against a swirling, green background
Seepage Mixed media on canvas paper, 142 x 95 cm
Abstract shapes that imply a pathway through a landscape that is painted in pink, red, orange and black
The mess we're inMixed media on paper, 142 x 95 cm
A dream like landscape with grey trees against what might be rocks and a sunset lit sky
If you close your eyes Mixed media on canvas paper, 117 x 83 cm
A dark, swirling abstracted landscape - mainly grey but with bright orange and blue showing through from behind
So let us not talk falsely now Mixed media on canvas paper, 117 x 83 cm
An abstract landscape made from washes of green and orange, which could be a glacier or river seen from above
All time at the same time Mixed media on canvas paper, 117 x 83 cm
A canopy of ghostly trees steeped in greens, with flashes of hot pink
AftermathMixed media on canvas paper, 84 x 58 cm
An abstracted landscape showing what appears to be tree skeletons emerging from rock
The ElmsMixed media on canvas paper, 117 x 83 cm
An abstract landscape constructed of ragged, animated blocks of blues, greens, pinks and whites.
Hanging on a cloth edge Mixed media on canvas paper, 62 x 88cm
A rocky, mountainous landscape of blues and greens that appears to be dissolving
Never any place to put my feet back down Mixed media on canvas paper, 59 x 83 cm
A series of trees bent against a whirling red and pink background
Denial Mixed media on canvas paper, 95 x 142cm