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Sculpture (MA)

Camilla Waters

Camilla Waters is a British-based artist residing in Reading. She is completing her master's at the Royal College of Art and holds a BA in art from the University of Reading.

Her practice explores the interplay between materials and their innate properties, particularly through the ''pour" of the casting process. Embracing the unpredictable nature of this technique, her work gives rise to artificial-looking creations that exist collectively in alternate realities, drawing inspiration from passages found in tunnels.

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesSculpture (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, First floor

Picture of me doing a performance piece

In my recent artworks, I explore blending artificial aesthetics with organic ways of making. By relinquishing control of the making process, I allow material to navigate its own pathway in unpredictable formation.

I constantly repeat the process and uncover the dynamics between biomorphic and anthropomorphic elements in the sculptural form.

The work bears a resemblance to stalactites and stalagmites often found in caves. These formations occasionally intertwine with creatures that appear as if they have found a habitat within or on top of the sculptural body.

Exploring the creation of a collective ecosystem, I look to tunnels beneath railway bridges. In particular, the liminal space that oscillates between entrapment and passage. These environments provide temporary or permanent habitats for organisms and objects. I use these characteristics to create a portal to place the objects inside.

I invite a collective venture into the portal to experience an alternate reality that co-exists with the modern world.

digital image of the portal with colourful works hanging from the front
Digital image of the portal protoype
entrance to protal made from collaged newspaper with dried pva glue pieces hanging from the front
The image shows the entrance to the portal, made out of papier mache collage and paper pulp.
pink column with zip ties around bulbous areas
foam abstract shape with blue-brown paint
stacked green and blue rings of jesmonite
yellow bulbous column with brown patches
egg moulds stacked on top of each other on top of turqiuoise jesmonite base
coral like, blue and green abstract sculpture
hot glue dried and poured on top of each other
blue coloumn with bulbous parts going up
jesmonite sculpture
Jesmonite sculpture with orange egg castings attached

These works are a selection of pours that have been created by pouring glue with paint onto the floor. They suspend together from the portal entrance, as well as exist alone. They are designed to brush past the body as it enters, making a rustling noise of disturbed plastic.

brown pour of pva
blue pva pour sculpture with transparent egg maquettes
green pva pour piece taken with flash
orange glue pour sculpture
small pink pva glue pour

In shadows deep, a hidden space,

Where sunlight's touch had no embrace.

Through arching walls, a velvet grace,

They claimed the portal, their kingdom's trace.

A messenger from days gone by,

Breathed life into plastic whispers that dared reply.

Through vibrant echoes, their presence gleamed, Within the portal they

found their dream.

egg mould transparent
pink ball egg maquettes
group of egg moulds

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