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Service Design (MA)

Cala Del Rio

I am a service designer that has participated in the creation of innovative design solutions in public service, private consultancy, and academic research contexts, always applying design methods to preserve the creative drive of an idea. As a systemic thinker, I look for connections between disparate areas and create narratives that bring value and meaning to diverse projects.

Degree Details

School of DesignService Design (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Stevens Building, Second and third floors

photo of andes mountains

Im also a photographer, I think image is able to give perspective to what one is observing. A trait needed for any Service Designer.

Fresh start logo and partnetrs logo

Cleaning as care

Fresh Start is a research and design initiative that aims to bridge the gap in holistic care between mental health and adult social care using a cleaning as care approach. We are in the process of collaborating with different institutions to create a non-medical, service based intervention that will support people on their mental health recovery journeys, focusing on the key pillars of reeducation + messaging, action + support, and community & care.

This video outlines the research and design process that has been developed for Fresh Start, inviting possible partners to participate in further development and prototyping of the intervention. June 2023 Copyright disclamer: The images of Ana´s case study are real images of someones home taken by Aurikatariina and Janet&Diana (from Clean friend and Germaphobe), independent cleaners and content creators who are hired to do this kind of work all over the world.
Graphic explaining the idea of holistic care
Graphic that explains how therapy is not the only way to tackle mental health
Graphic illustrating how we can create a better mental health through environmental health.