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City Design (MA)

Ashish Dalal


Ashish Dalal is an architect from Pune, India who is interested in investigating the various facets of design at diverse scales.

Ventimiliga Squating Timeline Map
Trainline Map
Mobile Kitchen Render
Long Building Squatting Process Drawing
Long Building Squatting Process Render


UV Printing on Metal Sheet
Temporality Mapping

The routes and the time taken for border crossing by the people in transit who have faced threat / persecution in their home country involves risks or pushback to the detention centres / expulsion or even death. The main reason being this is that, the border on the map is just a line but in reality, it is a zone on each side of the line. The Archipelago involves various locations of interest as islands and the routes act as their connections. The map also indicates a worm-hole / time slippage involved in th

Media Studies Project

Do we wait for a structure/system to tear apart to call it a ruin and beautify it?

Thinking about the edge of water means no less than imagining a city and a community. Cities have had strong relationships with water bodies. In many ways, water was intimately connected with the very idea of being alive. Water is not just a physical fact but has a deep psychological presence.

Burhanpur, a town in Central India was an active trade centre and the boundary of the Mughal empire. The town is situated on the ban


Fabric Printing


800mm x 800mm