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Photography (MA)

Angela Blažanović

Angela Blažanović (b.1995) is a visual artist based in London, UK. She completed BA Photography at London Metropolitan University in 2019 and MA Photography at the Royal College of Art in 2023.

Blažanović was awarded the Free Range Award (2019) and was shortlisted for the Nikon Emerging Photographer of the Year Award at Photo London (2020). 

Her work has been reproduced in print in The FT Weekend Magazine, Wallpaper* Magazine, Uncertain States, and has been written about online in Port Magazine, The Guardian, Booooooom, ShowStudio & Elephant Magazine.

Recent exhibitions include: Noorderlicht Photo Festival, Museum Belvédère, NL (2023); #CREATECOP27 by Art Partner, online (2023); Photo London Digital, presented by Sid Motion Gallery, online (2020); Capture Photography Festival, Vancouver, BC (2020); Jetsam, Duo Exhibition with artist Laura Green, Sid Motion Gallery, London, UK (2020); Fragments of a River, Solo Show at Old Truman Brewery, London, UK (2020); Unsigned, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London, UK (2020)

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesPhotography (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

portrait of the artist

With a particular interest in the discarded & overlooked, the artist utilises a performative approach between photography and sculpture in order to investigate the poetic qualities of everyday objects. The symbiotic relationship between human and landscape, traces of human presence and questions of home & belonging are central themes in Blažanović’s practice.

In her recent work, the artist follows an autobiographical approach - developing enquiries into diasporic identity and her journey through grief and depression.

animation of detailed images of tissues
text and a photograph tissues embossing
images of tissues
three ceramic tissue sculptures on floor
image of a white ceramic frame
animation tissues
image of text
photograph of tissues
images of artwork, tissues , install, photographic print, ceramics
three photographs of tissues
photograph of an installation using printed fabric and ceramics
photograph of an installation using printed fabric and ceramics

Sadness I Fold

This body of work started in the intimacy of my bedroom where, after days of crying, I picked up the tissues that were holding my dried up tears. I began to make a small sculptural piece to be hung from my ceiling, in an attempt to transform the heaviness of overwhelming sadness into a structure of lightness; to find a gesture of beauty within the struggles of my mind. 

Depression is non linear. Unsettling thoughts of self-doubt are pierced through by moments of clarity, before fading into oceans of darkness again. 

Similarly, my work oscillates between elements of weight and weightlessness. The waste material holding my bodily fluids is in a constant flux, while I attempt to unfold the potentiality it holds within. After a period of creation, I rework said tissues into small sheets of hand-made paper to be preserved inside a hand-crafted frame. Pain may not disappear through this process, however, it starts to loose saturation.

In my work, I consider vulnerability as an opening for connectivity and strive to invite others into a safe space for collective healing.

details of tissues
animation of tissues turning
image of a stack of handmade paper


Embossed Hand-made Paper, Ceramic Sculptures, Digital Photography, Installation, Printed Fabrics
two photographic fragments
two photographic fragments - pictured: a person walking in a field & rocks
two photographic fragments - pictured: the torso of a person & oranges on a tree
multiple photographic fragments - pictured: sea, shadows, wood
photographic fragment of an old orange laying on the ground beneath trees

Where a rock strives to be a mountain and the lion learns to love the sea

This body of work is a consideration of the fragment as an autonomous form. Contained within itself and completed by its fractured shape, it refuses singularity and is infinitely progressive; pointing towards a presence and remembering an absence; all the while, as open as the sea.

Here, the photographic medium is utilised in order to investigate notions of nostalgia, memory and displacement. It is a journey of coming to terms with my own fractured sense of home and belonging. I explore my diasporic identity while remapping my family’s history; questions of genetic memory and ownership over a place start to emerge.

I was born in Germany, as a child to immigrants from Croatia and Bosnia. Growing up, I formed roots in a place foreign to my ancestors, simultaneously, trying to preserve the roots I had inherited in my mother’s homeland. My identity is built on a hybrid of places, cultures and languages. However, the question of what my home is has remained blurry throughout. I am uprooted.

b/w photographic fragment
image of rocks - colours are blue and pink

The project finds its beginning in a darkroom printing session, when using expired photographic paper caused an unexpected result. Because the paper had started to deteriorate, it did not reproduce the correct colours. But more interestingly, within this destruction a new quality was introduced: an uncertainty, a free fall - the entire print was bathed in a magical hue of pink. Following the poetics of chance, the work naturally transcended into the realm of nostalgia and memory.

two photographic fragments: 1. person standing in a field / 2. a light tower in the sea
sculpture made from rock and a photograph of rocks
Sculpture made from crystallised rock, collected from the shoreline of Rab, Croatia (birth place of the artist's mother) & a photographic fragment depicting said shoreline (mounted on aluminium / UV-print on reverse, phytogram made with plants from the artist's garden in London)


Hand-printed C-Type Fragments, Crystallised Rock, UV-Print, Phytogram