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Sculpture (MA)

Akanksha Bonsra

Akanksha Bonsra (b.1985) is an Indian artist, based in London & Mumbai, working primarily in sculpture, painting, installations and research. She also has worked in a spectrum roles in the creative industry as a designer.


MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, 2023.

MA Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries, Central Saint Martins, UAL, 2015.

3yrs Diploma in Fine Arts (Painting), Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, 2013.

B. Design in Fashion and Apparel, National Institute of India, 2008.

Selected exhibitions in UK & India :

UK (group shows)

Climate 2030, Hangar Space - Royal College of Arts, 2023.

Hung, Drawn & Quartered, Standpoint Gallery, 2023

Everything is Sculpture, 3 Locks Brewing Co, 2023


Public Installation at Kalaghoda Art Festival, 2017,

Double Installation at Mood Indigo, IIT Mumbai, 2017,

Group show with Nirvana Art, Kumarswami Hall, 2016

I like to bring science, nature, geometry as well as art and my cultural roots together in a joyous way, which sparks imagination and celebrates the magic and beauty of this world we live in with newer perspectives. My work process is quite instinctive, where my fingers intuitively show me what the material wants to be, and the end results serendipitously brings forth an expression of the idea that I have been mulling on.

Traditionally trained in fashion design & design research, I have pursued a career exploring the creative design industry is varied forms; from design research, trend forecasting, fashion to costume design, before taking the leap as an artist exploring various materials and ideas. For me, expression and curious experimentations are the driving force for creating new works, and with every work I like to push my artistic learnings further. Over the year at RCA, I have learned to bring both these sides, an artist and a designer, together to create artworks that take me beyond my earlier explorations and expand further as a creative.

I choose to work in mix mediums, ranging from ceramics, textiles, metals, installations, paintings to digital arts; investigating mediums that manifest an idea best, and am open for collaborations & commissions that invite this.

Vine coloured layered fabrics from velvet to sheer, cut in hyperbolic planes and stitched together.
The Dance of Cosmos: Series 1This sculpture is based on one of the theories for the geometry of Universe; that is hyperbolic in nature, ever expanding and is in constant motion. A heavenly cosmic body, growing and throbbing, dancing through the void space. Imaging universe an entity, which creates all of the elements and life giving forces within, from cosmic rays, stars and supernovas to the core of atoms; dancing in it's own rhythm, taking it's own space and expanding in dimensions humans can’t see but can only imagine.
sheer organza shining in light.. the fabric model is hyperbolic in shape.
Initial experimentsI developed a technique combining traditional pattern making & origami skills to create smooth hyperbolic sculptures in fabric.
A short clip of the ARA short clip of a hyperbolic fabric mesh dancing through the space, designed to be super imposed on the physical sculpture via iPad.
3D organic cellular patterns made in bronze
explorations of cellular geometry in organic form.
close up of organic cellular patterns in bronze. Black and turquoise colour patina with golden bits of bronze shown in places
Close up